The uncomfortable truth about resumes

August 3, 2023

It never fails.

The moment I start working with a new client and we complete their new resume – something in them shifts. 

What was previously a major blindspot for them gets removed.  

They now know why their resume was holding them back from landing their best role yet.  

The uncomfortable truth about most resumes I see is this:

They’re missing the punchline.

The truth is that employers, recruiters, and hiring officials don’t care about your experience.

Not exactly.

They care about what you’ve done, in terms of results - ones you can create for them too.

It sounds so simple yet, it’s not easy, even for super successful, smart professionals to convey this in words in their resume. 

There’s a science and an art to creating a resume that showcases your skills and experience. 


It never fails. 

My clients’ job searches start to shift when we transform their resumes into a document that:

🏆 Proves they deliver tangible and relevant results

📺 Quickly connects the dots for employers to show they have the required qualifications

👨‍🏫 Demonstrates how they get those results

Once you know how to create such an impactful resume, you know it for the rest of your career. 

And that skill and knowledge can give you the confidence that you can land a new role fast. 

At any time. In any market. 

Want to learn my proven process to write such a resume? 

I share it all in my Mid-Career Resume Workshop + actionable resources to get it all done fast.

Getting your resume updated in a way that grabs attention will ensure you’re ready for September….

It’s just a few weeks away.

September means back to school.

It also means going back to work.

This means hiring gets into high gear before December rolls around and slows it down again. 

Now’s the time to get ready.

To get your hiring documents in tip-top shape.

Find out how to get it done quickly with my proven training.

Can’t wait to see your bright and shiny new resume!