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Moving on from a layoff

Today I want to talk about one of the sneakiest hurdles I see smart professionals looking for a new role stumbling with…It has to do

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Handling Job Search Rejection

Staying in the game, and being able to navigate the sometimes roller-coasters of job searching is key and I walk you through some effective techniques

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It’s not over

I spoke with several mid-career executives last week who were looking for new jobs… Guess what 4 of them had in common? They had quit

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Hi, I’m Danielle!

I’m a Career Coach & Mentor and a Certified Life Coach. I combine practical “how to” strategies with some of the most effective coaching tools on the market, inspiring you into action in order to reach your career goals. 

I specifically work with motivated and ambitious professionals who are ready to bust out of their career rut and get the new job or promotion they want and deserve. If you’re ready for your next career move but are frustrated that it’s not happening fast enough for you, I’m here to help.


Danielle Bradley

Career Coach, Certified Life Coach

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