2 Keys To Finding The Right Opportunity

July 27, 2023

I recently asked my assistant to compile some data to see what was the #1 job search challenge our existing and potential clients came to us for…. 

Want to know what made the top of the list? 


What does it mean to “find the right opportunity”? 

For many mid-career job seekers, it means:

Finding a role that 

🤹 Matches their skill set and experiences

📈 Provides advancement and fulfillment

💼 Fits their lifestyle at this time in their life and career

How do you go about finding the right opportunity, how do you create this for yourself? 

Here are 2 ways:  

# 1 – Get Clear

Without a clear vision for your career, you’ll waste time and energy. 

It’s worth spending some time defining what “the right opportunity” means to you BEFORE embarking on an active job search. 

And self-reflection and self-assessment alone doesn’t always bring clarity.

Clarity often comes from taking action.

Which is exactly what I recommend in step # 2 🙂  

# 2 – Get Busy

Taking action helps you get clear and, can also open doors to brand-new opportunities. 

What type of actions can you take?

👔 Have conversations with professionals working in a field or roles that interest you. 

🚶‍♂️   Take on a volunteer role that’s out of your comfort zone and seems intriguing to you. 

👓 Source a part-time role that taps into different skills you’d like to leverage at work. 

🏢 Actively work at expanding your network. 

Here’s what happens when you grow your network:

    • The larger your network, the more opportunities will be available to you.
    • The more opportunities available to you, the higher your chances of…


So, are you ready to take action and find the right opportunity for yourself?

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back!

Get clear and get busy, and see new career doors open up right in front of your eyes.

Are you ready to land a new, better, more fulfilling role?


Need support with opening up opportunities? You’re in the right place, helping mid-career professionals get clear and get hired for their best role yet is my superpower!