Are you cool with this?

August 10, 2023

If you’re hoping to secure a new role this year, there’s one thing that can completely change the game to ensure you stand out from competing candidates. 

This one thing can multiply your interview rate from online applications. 

And hardly anyone does this. 

It’s a strategy I’ve been sharing with my clients for years. 

And, even an ex-Google recruiter agrees with me that it’s the #1 thing to do after applying for a role online! (that’s Nolan Church, former Google and DoorDash recruiter). 

The #1 action step to take after applying to a role is this:

You need to follow up with a personal message to the hiring manager, on LinkedIn.

Or even a message to the head of the company. 

There’s only one exception to this and it’s if the job description specifically asks you not to do this. This is VERY rare. 

Most hiring officials see this as a plus, when done right. 

The truth is that most people aren’t cool with doing this, and as a result, they don’t do it. 

Church shared in a recent article that when he was at DoorDash, and the CEO would get such a message, he would forward them the messages and 90% of the time, they would consider those applicants. 

So why aren’t most people not cool with doing this?

It usually boils down to 2 reasons: 

1- It feels uncomfortable. 

2- They don’t know exactly what they should say in the message. 

Discomfort is often required to achieve a big goal. 

We can feel discomfort, and still do the thing that’s going to help us get the result we want.  

Now let me help you with what to say: 

🤩 Let them know who you are. Be brief.

🏢 Let them know why you applied to the role, and why you admire the company

💖 Let them know why you’re a fit for the role and why you’re excited about the opportunity

That’s it. 

Keep it short. 

Less is more. 

Do this 1 thing in your job search and watch the opportunities open up for you. 

Yes, you still need an impactful resume. 

You still need a dialed-in LinkedIn profile. 

But this one thing can completely change the game. 

You just have to be cool with it. 

To allow the discomfort and, take action. 

Will you do it? 👀

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