She landed her dream job in late-career – Here’s how …

October 19, 2023

I received an amazing note this week, truly touching. 

It came from a professional in my network, someone I’ve known for several years. 

She let me know that even though she’s never been a paid client of mine, I helped her land a new role, in “late career” 🤯

She shared that she landed her “dream job” (her words!) at a Global Fortune 500 company and, she credited me for helping her do that. 

Even though I haven’t talked to her in quite some time. 

The thing is that she paid attention to all I’ve been sharing on LinkedIn and other channels. 

You might wonder, how was she able to….

🤔 Overcome age discrimination in her search, being of a “certain age”?

🤑 Get an offer with compensation above the top of the range for the role at the company?

🙌🏻 Land her dream job in the final few years of her career? 

She noticed that ageism exists, yet focusing on it prevented her from seeing the parts that she could control. 

She landed this role, learning through my posts and training online, and she…

✅ Realized she was self-eliminating from even applying or pursuing roles thinking they would never hire someone her age! 🎬

✅ Learned her resume was missing the punchline 😳 

✅ Chose to consider the possibility that there might be a company that would “ignore” her age if she had exactly what they were looking for 🤩

I’m stoked for her!

I’m also grateful for the opportunity to broadly share information with my community and audience that helps them get hired for their dream jobs 🙏

Here’s my invitation to you – if you want a new role and it’s not happening in the way you had hoped… 

Keep going!

Look at what you might need to tweak. 

This could include your job search activities, your mindset, or a combination of both

Be willing to question yourself and gain awareness of what might be holding you back.