I failed miserably at this

October 5, 2023

Ever failed miserably at something and had no idea why?

I know I have 😧

Years prior to becoming a career coach, I was in corporate and got laid off very suddenly. 

I started job searching right away. 

And failed at it so miserably that I only landed 1 interview in my first 6 months 😳

I certainly turned it around and landed multiple offers and it all turned into my current beloved career that’s so deeply fulfilling 🥰

But I’m not going to lie… those first 6 months shook my confidence to the core.

I couldn’t see what I was doing wrong in my search.

Until an expert pointed 3 things out to me: 

1- My resume wasn’t working even though it was written by a certified resume writer.

2- My LinkedIn profile was… there. It existed. I was “on” LinkedIn. But I had no idea what a keyword optimized profile was, let alone how to create one. 

3- I applied to dozens of roles online each week, without a clear focused target role in mind.

The result was abysmal failure with my initial job search efforts 😩 

The truth is that these 3 simple things were part of my own blind spots at the time. 

I didn’t know what I didn’t know! 

Unfortunately, with the many layoffs that have occurred over the last few months, I see so many bright, capable professionals struggle and fail like I did. 

They’re doing “all the things” they’ve heard they need to do, yet, none of it is working. 

They don’t know what they don’t know!

If that’s you, I get it. 

It’s really hard to understand why no one calls you back for interviews when you’re the perfect fit for a role!

How can they not see it? 

It’s frustrating and confusing. 

The first step is to understand and acknowledge that getting hired these days is a skill that we’re not born with. 

There’s nothing wrong with you if this is happening for you. 

It’s just not your area of expertise. 

And that’s totally ok. 

Why should you expect to know everything about job searching in 2023 when the last time you had to do it was when you got out of college or 15 years ago when you got laid off? 

When it’s time to learn a new skill in other areas of life, we often turn to training, with experts that can help bridge the knowledge gap. 

It’s no different with job search. 

Things have gotten pretty sophisticated and, competitive. 

Learning how to land a new role today requires a completely different approach and expert knowledge. 

That’s what I do. I’m a get-hired expert and coach. 

And I see you. 👀

I see the amazing talent and expertise you have, and I help you leverage it so you can win, so you can land that job you’re perfect for. 

To find out more about how we can do this together, I invite you to book a complimentary call with us. 

At a minimum, we’ll help you shine a light on your specific blind spots and how to overcome them. 

And should we be a fit for working together, we’ll help you get to the finish line and negotiate an offer you’ll be excited about. 

It’s a win/win no matter what.