How Quickly Can You Tap Into The Hidden Job Market?

July 20, 2023

People sometimes are skeptical when I start to talk about the hidden job market and how it can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to get hired these days, especially for a manager, director, or VP role in mid-career.

Do you know about the hidden job market?

It’s where 70% of job opportunities are found.

These are roles that are not advertised openly anywhere.

❌ Not on LinkedIn, not on Indeed, or any other job board.

❌ Not on any company website.

❌ Not even on a company’s intranet.

There are countless reasons why they’re hidden.

These roles are filled through:

✅ Third-party recruiters tapped to find the perfect hire

✅ Hiring officials proactively looking for suitable candidates

✅ Word of mouth, referrals

✅ Internal hires and promotions

Finally, these roles are also sometimes not even on the horizon until a conversation takes place that makes it clear a role needs to be created, and if you’re in that conversation, chances are you’ll be the one securing the position!

Still not sure how this can work?

Let me share a few examples I’ve seen with clients:

➜ One client got a new job in 1 week by reaching out to a number of people in her network and letting them know exactly what she was looking for.

➜ Another client got a new job within 2 weeks following a layoff! He tapped into his existing network and got lined up with an interview right away. I helped him redo his resume and prep for the interview and he got the offer. Just like that! 🤯

➜ And, yet another client got recruiters reaching out to him within 2 weeks of working together, and within a couple of days of updating his LinkedIn profile (based on my process). Recruiters started reaching out to him 2-3 times DAILY. This is after months of job searches before working together.

➜ Finally, another client started getting recruiters contacting her within a couple of days of updating her LinkedIn profile. Then she taught her husband how to do it (with my formula) and he also got recruiters contacting him within a couple of days.

So how fast can you tap into the hidden job market?

As fast as you can get out of your own way

And I mean this in the best way.

We get in our own way when we believe networking and job searching have to be complicated.

When we focus on how uncomfortable it feels to let people know we might need their help.

When we overthink the steps needed to do it.

S.T.O.P it

If you want to land a new role this year, it can happen more quickly and more easily than you think.

It just might require a different approach.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can tap into the hidden job market, book a call with me & my team now. We’ll show you how that can work for you too!