Passion’s Got Everything To Do With It!

March 8, 2024

I just got back from a week’s vacation in the wee hours of the morning today.

It was a wonderful opportunity for some fun in the sun with my spouse and family members (so grateful for that!)

But something weird came up for me part-way through.

While I needed rest from my daily busy routine, part of me missed my work, especially the work I do with my coaching clients!

This is something new for me.

When I was in corporate, especially the last couple of years, I could not wait to go on vacation!

It dawned on me this past week that the work I do now as a career coach never feels like work.

That’s what happens when you’re truly passionate about what you do.

Don’t get me wrong, time off is still needed – we all need to recharge.

But that’s just it. The time off is to recharge, not to get away from something we’re not passionate about.

Finding work we’re passionate about is a worthwhile pursuit.

I realize it’s easier said than done.

We all have obligations and responsibilities and need to pay the bills.

But doing work that’s fulfilling for us, that’s in line with things we’re passionate about not only makes the days more joyful…

It makes an impact on others, no matter what you do for work.

And in my opinion, it makes it more likely to be successful, whatever that means for you.

While away, I had a poolside conversation with a late-career professional, very close to retirement.

He also happened to be in Consumer Packaged Goods, the same industry I was in while in corporate.

We got into quite the conversation about it all and when he asked me what I do now and I shared the work I do as a career coach, he told me that he could tell how passionate I was about what I do.

The passion was written all over my face. 🥰

Have you found your passion career yet?

If so, cheers to you, it’s something to celebrate! 🥂

If not, and you’re in a job search that’s not working, passion could be something worth examining.

When we’re passionate about what we do, it shows.

It makes us irresistible to the right people and hiring managers.

Funny how that works.

Passion is something hiring managers specifically look for and desire when they choose who will get the offer.

And it makes each day more fulfilling.

Happy to be back and here to support you if you’re still looking for your passion!


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