I wish I hired you months ago!

March 14, 2024

This is the phrase I often hear from clients after they land a new exciting role, after a few weeks of working together. 

The thing is that job searches are fluid. 

They don’t typically go in a straight line. 

One week you have no interviews or prospects… the next you’re interviewing every other day. 

When the interviews start rolling in, we start to feel hopeful that an offer is imminent. 

And sometimes it is! 🤩

And sometimes, it’s complicated 🥴 

I went through this rollercoaster ride myself years ago following a layoff from corporate, before i became a career coach. 

I was in process with over a dozen companies for months… and got no offer for months… 

➜ One company decided to go back to the drawing board after I was one of 2 final candidates. They didn’t hire either one of us. 

➜ Another company put the entire position on hold indefinitely, after I was in the final 3 candidates due to a change in leadership at the top.

➜ And yet another company determined that I was not a great fit for the role because it involved travelling a lot, in really cold weather 🤦🏼‍♀️ (true story!)

Unfortunately, I see this a lot with people I talk to each week. 

They feel hopeful they will land an offer from the 1 or 2 companies they’re interviewing with and I wish that for them, I truly do!

But often, it’s not the first 1 or 2 companies that you interview for that are going to make the offer. 

This is one of the main reasons I’m such a proponent of building a pipeline with multiple opportunities when you’re job searching.

And of hiring professional help to not only navigate the ups and downs but also coach and advise  you so you can perform at your very best in the interviews you’re getting. 

This worked EXTREMELY WELL for my client Amanda who recently landed a new promoted role with much higher pay in just 29 days!

Here’s what she told me when we recorded her success story: 

“… my biggest regret with this process is that I didn’t reach out to you back in like October when I first started looking, thought I could do it on my own… couldn’t. I needed some help.” 

I often say that for professionals making 6-figure incomes, if I save them 1 or 2 weeks of job search time, they get an immediate ROI on their investment working with me and that certainly was the case for Amanda. 

You can watch her success story here.

And if you’d like to find out more about how I can help collapse the amount of time it’ll take for you to get hired, you can find out more via the link here. 

During this complimentary session, we cover:

✅  The 3 key strategies you can apply immediately to job searching now to get aligned results.
✅  How to leverage your LinkedIn profile so that it serves as an “interview magnet” that attracts your dream opportunities to you, without wasting dozens of hours on job boards.
✅ How to amplify your strengths throughout the hiring process and position you as the best candidate for the most ideal offers.