thinking it would be best to delegate your entire job search?

February 29, 2024

Job searching especially these days isn’t the most fun activity for most people, am I right?

As a result, it can be VERY tempting to want to delegate the entire process to a third party.

And you could.

Some providers offer this service, usually for $5K-$10K and, guarantees that invite fine print scrutiny.  

This may sound like a good fit for some people.

Interestingly, I’ve personally spoken with hundreds of very successful mid-career professionals just in the last year and I haven’t met anyone that has successfully found a role this way in their past career.

I believe our career is such an important aspect of our lives that it’s a great area to build a wide range of skills for the long haul.

Skills like:

  • Knowing how to navigate potential job loss and recover quickly no matter what happens with the market and/or economy
  • Knowing what will entice someone to want to hire us
  • Knowing how to market and sell the exact results we can deliver for the right-for-us role and, employer

When you delegate your search, you likely don’t build this skillset.

But you can gain the skillset and you can get help to do so more quickly!

That’s when a career coach, a get-hired expert can fast-track the entire process for you.

And you’re not only left with landing a new role you love.

You develop the expertise for marketing yourself for the rest of your career.

This is one of the reasons why I love what I do.

Once you learn these skills, you can’t unlearn them.

It’s an investment in yourself and in your career that pays you back for the rest of your work life.

Want to learn more?

During this complimentary session, we cover:

✅  The 3 key strategies you can apply immediately to job searching now to get aligned results.
✅  How to leverage your LinkedIn profile so that it serves as an “interview magnet” that attracts your dream opportunities to you, without wasting dozens of hours on job boards.
✅ How to amplify your strengths throughout the hiring process and position you as the best candidate for the most ideal offers.