Not getting interviews? Try this…

April 19, 2024

Would it surprise you to hear that the average interview rate from an online job application is only 2-4%? 

If you’ve been job searching and applying to dozens of roles online, you’ve likely seen this statistic in your search (and if you’re tracking significantly above it, then congratulations, you are doing something right!)

With stats like these, it’s no wonder some job seekers throw in the towel and quit applying to jobs online.  

It’s daunting when you see there are hundreds of applications for most roles you’re interested in 😳

But what if you could actually get called in for interviews for many of these roles? 

After all, these represent actual job openings that need to be filled. 

Of course, some of these might already have viable internal candidates. 

But often they don’t. 

And if you’re not pursuing these roles, you’re missing out on real opportunities. 

Now – the elephant in the room 🐘

How do you get callbacks from online applications?

You have to know how to play the game…

My client Tim learned it and got an interview out of from 1000 applicants on LinkedIn!

You need to learn how to do 3 things to standout with job applications:

  1. Have an ATS-friendly resume with a simple format that will get through those systems + be appealing to the human eye
  2. Have a resume that very cleary demonstrates that you have the requirements for the role 
  3. Take action to get your resume into the hands of the humans involved in hiring process

To do the above, you need to have a clear target role. 

And, you need to understand exactly what keywords to use to match that target role.

I know it’s a lot! 

And it can be very frustrating to try and figure this out on your own. 

But once you know the secret to creating a resume that hits the mark, doors open up. 

Yes, you should still tap into the hidden job market where you gain access to roles that are not posted online. 

But ignoring opportunities that you can apply to from online job postings can slow down your search. 

And have you miss out on opportunities that you could have accessed otherwise. 

The good news is that it’s a learnable skill 🙂
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