She took a leap of faith

April 26, 2024

She took a leap of faith …

And it paid off in spades. 

Let me back up a bit. 

Our client JoAnne found herself looking for a new role after over 20 years working for a large, Global CPG company. 

Up until that point, she’d had an incredible career trajectory. 

A “type A” personality, she diligently worked her way up the corporate ladder, with countless accomplishments and promotions. 

Until she found herself looking for a new senior leadership role and hit a wall in her search. 

This was confusing and frustrating to her. Not to mention scary as she was the main breadwinner for her family. 

Over the course of several months, she started actively looking for a new role but in spite of her impressive credentials, she got few interviews and no offers. 

This was in spite of taking advantage of outplacement services offered by her former company. 

Fast forward to months later, she decided to book a call with us and, joined our Get Hired Formula program. 

And within 90 days, she landed an attractive job offer for the exact role she wanted! 

What changed in those 90 days exactly? What was the “special sauce” that created what she couldn’t get done on her own and with the outplacement program?

It’s not just one thing.

We dug into her entire search. 

We uncovered several areas where she was getting shut out of the hiring process.

❌ Her resume captured EVERYTHING she did over the last 20 years

➜ That made it hard for hiring officials to see how she was a fit for their job opening

❌ Her LinkedIn profile wasn’t optimized for the role she wanted

➜ That made it hard for her to attract hiring officials to her LinkedIn profile

❌ Her job search strategies were based on what worked over a decade ago

➜ That made it hard for her to gain traction and land interviews

Over the course of 90 days, we upgraded and refined every aspect of her job search. 

And we also coached on how to stay focused and in the game through the job search roller-coaster. 🎢

She did the work and got the prize 🏆

And I couldn’t be happier for her!

This is what’s possible when you uncover and dismantle the specific roadblocks shutting you out of the hiring process. 

Want to know how this can work for you? 

You’ll also see JoAnne’s success story video on that page, it’s a good one! 🤩