Why 99% of resumes fail to impress

September 28, 2023

What I’m about to share is often tough for people to hear. 

But I do need to share it because I see the impact of this lack of understanding about resumes every day with the professionals I speak to and clients I work with. 

Here goes  ➜ this is the #1 reason why the majority of resumes are not hitting the mark and fail to impress. 

Even ones written by professional resume writers 😧

Most resumes are not specifically geared towards the role you want.

There, I said it. I honestly want to shout it from the rooftops!!!

The vast majority of resumes are written to cover all the things you’ve done. 

They’re about your past. 

But when your resume isn’t geared towards to job you want, and when it doesn’t position you as CLEARLY having the skills and experience required for it, it’s not grabbing anyone’s attention!

I receive countless emails from clients after they go through my resume training and coaching. 

They tell me how eye-opening the entire process is and, how confident they feel about their upgraded resume. 

And, then when they start leveraging it in their job search, I get emails of excited clients letting me know they got called into interviews with their new resume (and my unique cover letter strategies). 

Here’s what a current client emailed me recently:

“Danielle, wanted to let you know, I used the attached resume and followed your example for a cover letter and sent out a couple of applications yesterday morning. By yesterday afternoon, I received an email inviting me to an interview -- the system works, looking forward to continuing.”

It seems kind of magical that it works so well and so quickly but it’s not magic. 

It’s a new approach and process that most people unfortunately struggle with understanding and implementing. 

This is part of the work I do with my clients and it completely transforms their job search. 

They go from not getting interviews to landing them consistently. 

If you’d love to learn more about my proven process and if it could work for you, I invite you to book a  call with me and my team.