How to read job descriptions to get interviews and job offers

July 9, 2019

Yes, there really is a way to read and analyze job descriptions for job openings that give you significant advantages when it comes to getting called in for interviews and even for securing job offers. 

Many job candidates under-estimate this which is why I wanted to share it with you today. 

This video is part of the career coaching resources that I provide to my 1:1 coaching clients.  I wanted to share it with you today in order to help you get that same advantage and boost your chances of getting your candidacy to the top of the pile! 

Watch this video and learn:

>>> Exactly what to look for in job descriptions that will make your resume standout 

>>> How studying the job description helps you ace any future interviews

>>> How to extract “keywords” from a job description to use in your Resume and LinkedIn profile 


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