A peek into what’s possible

December 21, 2023

For some of my clients, it’s likely to be a great time of celebration over the holidays 🥂

Here’s a sample of some client successes just over the last 2-3 weeks:

  • One client just received a job offer this week
  • Another client is in the final interview stage, expecting an offer by the end of the week.
  • I also have a client who just negotiated and accepted a role, with a significant compensation increase, and, starting the new job this week and, then going away for a 2-week holiday!
  • Finally, another client got an exciting job offer, with the process taking only 3 weeks from start to finish.

As I always say: companies are hiring all the time!

This also illustrates that:

❇️ When you have a proven formula
❇️ When you stay in the game
❇️ When you keep your eye on the prize
❇️ When you take consistent action toward your goal

Anything is possible

Yet sometimes, life gets in the way. I get it.

Especially if you’re in mid-career/midlife, you most likely have a lot on your plate.

Between aging parents, teenagers or young adult children, spouses, family, and work obligations, it can be challenging to put yourself and your goals on the agenda.

If your job is no longer fulfilling though, or if you’ve experienced a recent layoff, putting yourself on the agenda is important and deserves your attention.

There will always be other things that compete with this.

But what if there was a way to fast-track the get-hired process, so you can prioritize yourself and your happiness at work, and still tend to other priorities?

That’s what I help people do.    

I help you collapse the time and effort it takes to get to your next, best role yet.

If you’ve been wondering about getting expert guidance and support with your career and job search, there’s no better time to prioritize this and yourself.  

January is just around the corner and we can expect a significant surge in opportunities in the job market 🚀

Want to be ready and primed for it, so you can land your best role yet in early 2024?

Let me show you how it can be done faster and with more ease than you thought possible.

The best next step is to book a complimentary session with me.

When you book your call by December 31st, and we’re a fit to work together, you’ll be able to join us at the current, 20% lower investment level (going up Jan 1st).

As long as the call is booked this year, even if we speak in early January, you’ll be able to join at the current investment.

During this complimentary session, we cover:

✅  The 3 key strategies you can apply immediately to job searching now to get aligned results.
✅  How to leverage your LinkedIn profile so that it serves as an “interview magnet” that attracts your dream opportunities to you, without wasting dozens of hours on job boards.
✅ How to amplify your strengths throughout the hiring process and position you as the best candidate for the most ideal offers.

Have an amazing holiday season! 🎄☃️