She stopped listening to friends and family

July 5, 2024

She stopped listening to friends and family and got a promoted Director role within 32 days of signing up with us!

She also secured an over 50% bump in compensation!

All after a layoff.

Genevieve got laid off, like so many people are unfortunately going through right now.

It had nothing to do with her performance, her company executed multiple rounds of layoffs.

At first, she took in advice from well-meaning friends, family, and even mentors.

But she realized that they were more like cheerleaders, telling her how great she was.

What she needed to land a promoted role after a layoff is a plan and process that:

✅ Helped her strategically translate her experience into clear, bite-size, and impactful interview stories that matched the roles she was vying for.
✅ Boosted her confidence and firm belief in herself, that her goal of landing a promoted Director goal at her desired salary and conditions was 100% possible.
✅ Showcased her tangible results and accomplishments via her resume and LinkedIn profile to grab the attention of hiring officials before they even met her.

Sometimes, the seemingly small details make a huge difference in landing the coveted role.

She already had a GOOD resume, LinkedIn profile, and interview skills.

But going from GOOD to GREAT made ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

Want to find out how this can work for you?

You’ll also see Genevieve’s success story video on that page. She just started her new role in June and is loving it! 💃🏼

We’d love to support you in landing the amazing role you want!