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Attention Mid-Career Senior Executives

Are You Ready To Get Hired Faster In Mid-Career And Land Your Most Fulfilling, Higher Paying Role?

Learn the proven steps you need to take to quickly start getting interviews and job offers, in mid-career, without wasting valuable time

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Attention Mid-Career Senior Executives

Are You Ready To Get Hired Faster In Mid-Career And Land Your Next Most Fulfilling, Higher Paying Role?

Proven, effective strategies that moves you into inspired action, so you can create the career of your dreams

Attention Mid-Career Senior Executives

Are You Ready To Get Hired Faster In Mid-Career And Land Your Next Most Fulfilling, Higher Paying Role?

Proven, effective strategies that moves you into inspired action, so you can create the career of your dreams

There Are 4 Huge Mistakes I See Mid-Career Professionals Make When They Start Looking For A New Role.

Mistake # 1


They focus on the wide range of roles they have transferable skills for, and start a broad search for job openings online

As a result, they feel stuck and frustrated, getting no traction or momentum in their job search, feel like they’re wasting valuable time and energy, generating few interviews.

Mistake # 2


They write their resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles from a place of capturing everything they’ve ever done in their career.

They get discouraged when not selected for job interviews and start feeling exhausted with updating their resume for each opportunity, never sure how and what to update.

Mistake # 3


They focus their entire search on applying to dozens of jobs online each week, and then wait for the callbacks that never come.

They end up frustrated and sometimes even angry and resentful, and waste valuable time and effort spinning on what to do next.

Mistake # 4


They study and memorize “expert” answers to the common interview questions, thinking this will ensure they ace their interviews and get the job offers.

They end up botching some interviews as they get nervous when asked an “out of left field” question.

Imagine how it would feel to know exactly what to do to get hired faster, to land your most fulfilling, higher paying role, at this stage of your career?

  • It’s possible when you know how to approach job searching in today’s world!

  • It’s possible when you know how to market your amazing experience to the best matched employers!

  • It’s possible when you know how to confidently sell them on what you bring to the table, and why you’re the perfect fit for your ideal role and worth premium compensation!


The 4-Step Formula To Quickly Land Your Best, Most Fulfilling Role Ever!

What makes the Get Hired Mid-Career Formula different from anything else online?

It’s a proven formula specifically created to help highly experienced professionals get clear and get hired for their best roles yet!

And, I’ve been in your shoes, l had to learn the hard way what it takes to get hired for premium roles and compensation at this stage of our careers.

It’s not the same as it was when we were applying to roles from newspaper ads!!!

I’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

The Get Hired Mid-Career Formula helps you with proven time-saving strategies and practical solutions + the support and the community to get it done in just a few weeks.

We do this:

  • Without wasting time and energy on outdated strategies that no longer work
  • Without sacrificing your hard-earned compensation level
  • Without sacrificing your lifestyle

You’ll learn how to…

  • Get clear on your target role so that you can land that perfect-for-you role
  • Market yourself with your compelling value proposition so you get called in for interviews for attractive roles
  • Make proactive offers, being clear on your value and desired role so that you gain access to the hidden job market, where some of the best opportunities lie!
  • Interview & negotiate with ultimate confidence so that you get your desired job offers and close the deal that you deserve.
  • And so much more!

See what our Get Hired Mid-Career Formula clients are saying about the program

Derek Mulder - Sales Manager in Healthcare

Derek was excited to land his ideal role in a new industry, in midlife after being with the same company for 14 years! He countered potential ageism following our interview training.

“Before working with Danielle, I was not getting the responses I was hoping to get during my job search.

After working with Danielle, my resume got responses from the same companies that I applied to with no luck using my old resume. My cover letter approach is now much more informed. My answers to interview questions are now more thought out.”

Here’s What You Get Inside The

Get Hired Mid-Career Formula

Phase 1

Clear Target Role

Get clear on your target role to land that perfect-for-you role

  • We inventory your skills and experience + your desired lifestyle
  • We create a target list of companies that are a match for you 
  • We set you up for success with a target role that’s the perfect fit for you at this stage of your career
  • And we help you find out the type of position and culture that will help you feel fulfilled and excited for work again.

Phase 2

Clear Value

Market yourself with your compelling value proposition. We develop your personal marketing plan to attract your perfect role.

Create your in-demand marketing documents:

  • Your standout mid-career resume that is modern and creates demand for you + boost your interview rate
  • Cover letters that break down barriers and potential objections ahead of time 
  • LinkedIn profile + strategies that compels recruiters to contact you and invite you in for interviews

Create your marketing action plan:

  • Learn where to find perfect opportunities and get invited in for interviews including how to network
  • Scripts and strategies for connecting in the right way with the right people on LinkedIn
  • The exact way to structure your LinkedIn profile to overcome potential ageism and, to have recruiters contact you about relevant job openings.

Phase 3

Clear Offers

Make proactive offers, being clear on your value.

  • Grow your network (LinkedIn is a great way to do this)
  • Build and nurture real connections with people in your network 
  • Create list of your target companies
  • Have genuine conversations with people at your target companies
  • Access roles that you’re interested in, and a fit for

Phase 4

Clear Selling & Closing

Never get stumped again during job interviews with my interview preparation guide + coaching:

  • Learn how to read between the lines of job descriptions to anticipate tricky interview questions
  • Discover how to truly shine and position and sell yourself as the “right fit” for your desired role, while discovering if the position is also right for you 
  • Go beyond interview stories by developing a confident interview mindset that easily and predictably multiplies your interview success rate

Close your most attractive offers:

  • The exact steps for how and when to negotiate your best offer
  • Learn to negotiate in a way that makes them want you to join even more
  • How to negotiate the flexibility you need for your desired lifestyle

Here's Everything You'll Get When You Get Started Today

  • 6 One On One Coaching Sessions With Founder & Career Coach Danielle: Get expert guidance and overcome any remaining roadblocks in your job search and get specific personalized coaching with any part of your job search, interviews and offer negotiations.
  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions + unlimited Q&A support for 12 Weeks: never get stuck and get all of your questions answered via our group member portal. Weekly group call replays are provided. You can submit questions on the call or ahead of time.
  • Get Hired Mid-Career Formula video training recordings
  • Resume & Cover Letter Templates and Examples, Worksheets, Fill-In-The-Blank Templates, Scripts, And Cheat Sheets
  • Community Portal So You Can Interact And Network With Like-Minded Mid-Career Professionals
  • Personal Resume Audit In Video Format
  • Personal LinkedIn Profile Audit In Video Format

PLUS, Here Are Extra Bonuses For You


Dealing With Discrimination In The Hiring Process

Beat ageism and other potential discriminatory practices in the hiring process: how to approach your job search and get enticing job offers even if you’re currently perceived as “overqualified”, “likely too expensive” or other biases

($199 value)


Wow Them In The First 90 Days

Set yourself up for success with your new job and for future opportunities and promotions with tips to impress them in your first 90 days

($49 value)


Get Optimal Offers

Learn how to improve your job offers with my unique strategy that’s sure to boost your earning and promotion opportunities

($199 value)


Get Hired Confidence Training

Successfully navigate the job search roller-coaster and keep going until you secure your best offer, without feeling depressed if you get rejection notes

($199 value)


Career Change Strategies

Learn how to best pivot or reset your career without negatively impacting your compensation

($99 value)


Fired Up And Back To Work

Get hired fast for your target role and compensation following a layoff or resignation

($199 value)

Are You Ready To Get Hired For Your Best, Most Fulfilling Role Now?


Estelle B. - Digital Marketer

“Before working with Danielle, I was completely overwhelmed and couldn't figure out my priorities. With Danielle's coaching and advice, I heard back from the company I had applied to in less than 8 hours! Her cover letter method is very effective and applied perfectly well to my case. With the help of Danielle, I managed to get a job and her follow-up during the interview process was more than precious!"

Jonathan A. - VP Marketing & GM

“Prior to hiring Danielle, I was lacking a bit of direction and stressing about things unrelated to the job search. On calls, I almost always had an "a ha" moment where I was able to look upon a situation with new eyes and survey different scenarios, which in turn led me to different thoughts of behavior. My biggest takeaway from our sessions was the ability to think about things in news ways, sparked by her observations and input.”

Meet Danielle.

I'm a Career coach and Get-Hired expert.
I love helping mid-career professionals get hired for their best, most fulfilling role in the second half of their careers.
As a former senior sales leader in CPG with over 20 years of experience with global companies such as Clorox, Hallmark, and Weber, I’ve been on both sides of the interview desk.
After a sudden lay-off in my mid-forties, I struggled for nearly a year before mastering job search strategies to secure multiple, competing 6-figure job offers.
That experience led me to transition to career coaching where for the last several years, I’ve helped hundreds of professionals quickly land new, fulfilling roles.

The Get Hired Mid-Career Formula Is Perfect For You If…

  • You’re in a job that’s no longer exciting for you and actively looking for a new role but you’re not seeing progress yet, and you’re not generating attractive interviews.
  • You’ve experienced a layoff and have started searching but interviews aren’t coming in fast enough and you have no idea how to speed up the process.
  • You’ve interviewed with a few companies in the last several months, and you’ve sometimes made it to the final rounds but never seem to be the one that gets the job offer.
  • You keep hearing about the hidden job market but aren’t sure how to tap into it.
  • You can’t imagine yourself doing what you’re doing for the next 10 to 15+ years, you long for new challenges and opportunities to continue to learn and grow as a professional.

Here’s why you need to get inside the Get Hired Mid-Career Formula today…

This formula is the same one I’ve used with tremendous success with my one-on-one coaching clients.

Now it’s available for you with on-demand training, one-on-one coaching + 12 weeks of weekly group coaching + unlimited Q&A support for 12 weeks, in between your individual coaching sessions via our members portal + access to other like-minded professionals who are going through the same process.

Plus, you get your personal coaching sessions with Danielle to help customize your job search strategy and get the quickest possible results without delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need each week for this training?

The time needed depends on your individual starting point and specific needs however we find that most people are getting results with 5-10 hours per week to ramp up the first 2-3 weeks with their job search documents (resume, cover letters and LinkedIn profile). After the initial ramp up, 5 hours per week works for most people + interviewing time of course!

When can I expect to see results from this?

The program is set up to deliver everything you need to secure a job offer over 12 weeks or less. The core training is available at the start of the program. This means that you're able to go at your own speed. In addition, with one-on-one sessions with Danielle + the weekly group coaching sessions, you get any and all questions answered, and the group call recordings you never miss anything. Everyone is different and implementation and action are needed to get results but we see most people securing interviews within the first few weeks of the program.

How much access do I get to you?

You get access to me via your individual coaching sessions plus the Resume and LinkedIn audit are done by me, and cater to your individual situation. In addition, you can participate in the group coaching calls where you get to ask your questions ahead of time or you can also ask questions and get coached live on the call.

Why should I join this program right now?

The sooner you get in, the faster you get a new role! Plus, pricing is subject to change.

When do we get started?

You can start right away! After completing your purchase, you’ll receive a welcome email with instructions on how to book your first session with Danielle. These sessions get prioritized in her calendar! Following the session, you gain access to the course platform, video modules, worksheets and LIVE group call details. You will also be able to join our community space. Our portal also includes bonus resources to help you gain traction and overcome any obstacles you may face to get hired asap.

How long do I keep access to this training?

You get access to the recorded training, templates, cheat sheets, scripts, and bonuses forever. You get weekly group coaching & Q&A calls for 12 weeks.

What if I can’t join the live group sessions?

All weekly coaching sessions are recorded and uploaded to the course portal within 24 hours of each session so you get to watch when it’s convenient for you.

What if I have a question not covered here?

Ask us! There’s a chat feature on this page, you can ask any questions you have and we’ll get back to you!

Are You Ready To Get Hired For Your Best, Most Fulfilling Role Now?


Franklin L. - Account Manager

“I would recommend Danielle and her training & coaching… she is so knowledgeable… I believe she truly wants the best for you. You will get results if you put in the work. I will continue to work with her in the near future."

Elen C. - Strategy Director

“Danielle helped me realize what I had to do to get a new job. It was a big revelation to me how I could do better with LinkedIn! With her training and coaching, it made a huge difference and made me more confident in applying for jobs. I’m happy to report that I’m starting my new role next week!”

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