Why I’ve hired coaches for the last 10 years

July 31, 2018

The coaching industry has been growing like crazy the last several years and it’s now estimated to be a $1B industry in the US alone. 

Yet, I know many people in my entourage have still never worked with a coach. 

When I ask them why, it becomes clear that most people still have no idea what coaches actually do! And it’s no surprise really because the industry is still very young. 

In addition, many people don’t necessarily understand the difference between working with a coach and working with a therapist. The two take vastly different approaches and recommended for very different situations. 

My master coach likes to think of it this way: 

Coaching is all about working with healthy people to help them make their good lives awesome while a therapist typically works with people to treat and cope with mental disorders and diseases. 

Coaching is all about training your mind! 

And by training your mind, you can achieve the results you want in your life. 

Here are the 5 main reasons why I’ve personally had coaches for the last 10 years. 

A well trained coach can: 

  1. Significantly help you reach your goals faster 
  2. Show you the blind spots that are keeping you stuck and turn it around 
  3. Get perspective on your life and your mind
  4. Save you time and money and a huge amount of frustration 
  5. Help you change your life! 

In the last several years, I’ve personally worked with the following types of coaches: 

  • Executive leadership coach 
  • Personal trainer coach 
  • Motivational coach
  • Triathlon coach
  • Marathon running coach 
  • Outplacement coaches 
  • Career/job search coach 
  • Business coaches 
  • Life coaches 
  • Dating coach 
  • Master Coach Instructor (she trains coaches!) 

The lessons learned were truly life changing, here are my top 5: 

  1. Leadership: transformed my leadership style so I can best lead/coach and mentor team members 
  2. Job search: what worked 10 years ago doesn’t work today + what works now  
  3. Love/personal relationships: how to become an amazing partner, attract the same and build a fulfilling, committed relationship. 
  4. Business: how to launch and grow a business 
  5. Life: the most life changing of all – I became a certified life coach.  

With this knowledge and continued education and study, I help myself and others solve any problem! 

 When it comes to achieving your career goals, a coach can make a huge difference! A competent career and life coach will help:

  • Guide you to determine your specific career goals
  • Help you determine your next steps
  • Coach you to action! 

Just to name a few!

The biggest point of difference with working with a career coach that is also a certified life coach is that the career coach will be able to teach you the best ways to grow in your career, get promoted, get a new job if you want this but a life coach will help you get it all done and manage through all of the mind drama that tends to come up in the process!

If you’re curious about how a coach can help you seriously boost your career, let’s chat! 

 I currently have a few spots open for a free personal mini coaching session. 

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