When sitting on your hands is the thing to do

February 8, 2024

I’ve been asked this question multiple times over the last week by clients who are already in the final interview stages, having begun their search in early January: 

When should I follow up after the final job interview?

It’s a situation that can test anyone’s patience…

When you’ve interviewed with a company for a coveted position that you’re excited about, you start to imagine yourself in the role. 

You start to dream about leaving your current job or getting out of a career transition phase and the waiting and the suspense can be quite challenging and drive anticipation or even anxiety through the roof! 

So what should you do when the waiting game begins? 

First, you want to maintain perspective. 

Of course, it’s perfectly normal to feel eager for a response, yet, it’s important to avoid appearing desperate or overly anxious. 

👉🏻 Remember, you are the prize!

Your skills, experience, and the potential you bring to the table are invaluable. 

Companies often need time to make their final decision, which might involve choosing between top candidates or assembling an attractive offer. 

This process can involve several internal discussions and approvals, which, understandably, takes time.

When is the right time to follow up? 

Patience is key. 

My suggestion is to give it about a week — roughly 5 business days — before reaching out. 

This timeframe allows the company sufficient space to proceed with their decision-making processes without feeling pressured. 

When you do decide to follow up, keep your message concise and positive. 

Express your continued enthusiasm for the role and politely inquire about any updates regarding their decision.

This approach not only demonstrates your professional courtesy but also reaffirms your excitement for the opportunity. 

It’s a delicate balance between eagerness and respect for the employer’s timeline, which can significantly impact their perception of you as a candidate.

The post-interview phase can be a test of patience and professionalism. 

By waiting the appropriate amount of time before following up, you convey confidence, respect for the process, and, most importantly, your strong interest in the opportunity. 

Remember, successfully navigating this phase reflects your ability to handle professional situations with grace and poise — qualities that are invaluable in any career stage with any employer. 

Sit on your hands, and see what unfolds ✨

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