Is it time to get scrappy

February 1, 2024

January is already done, first month of the year, gone! Time does seem to go by more quickly as we get older… or is it just me? 🤪

By now, many of us have perhaps forgotten or abandoned some of our goals for the year, life gets in the way, and it can be tough to prioritize our goals over everything we have on the go.

One thing that’s helped me the last couple of years is that I’ve gotten into the habit of evaluating progress against my top goals each week and at the end of each month. Yep, I can get a little geeky that way!

Reviewing each week allows me to see what’s working and adjust for anything that’s not working.

And if I’m not quite on track for one of my goals, I tend to…

Get scrappy!

This came in handy when I was in corporate sales. Getting scrappy ensured that me and my teams hit their targets consistently.

It’s also helped me scale my business very quickly in the last 12 months.

It’s a concept that can help anyone reach their goals more quickly, including the goal of landing a new, better role.

Getting scrappy can help you get hired faster!!!

If you haven’t been gaining traction in your job search over the last month, think about what you could do to get on track.

➜ Maybe it’s revamping your resume and Linkedin profile
🤝 Or reaching out to professionals in your network
🤑 Or even asking your current employer for a deserved raise (I have a client who did this in January and secured an over 20% raise!)

Getting scrappy gets your brain into problem-solving mode.

Our brains are designed for it.

But we have to put it to task.

We have to give it a specific problem to solve and be committed to the outcome and the action needed to execute.

We have to firmly believe it’s possible ✨

And sometimes, we need to get help.

That’s another thing I did this January to hit one of the biggest business goals I ever dared to set.

I hired 1 new business coach, kept 2 other coaches who are helping me in specific areas I’m working on, and also decided to hire a holistic nutritionist (that’s a story for another day but let’s just say, I need professional help 🤦🏼‍♀️).

The results so far have been nothing short of spectacular and I’m grateful for all the amazing professionals I get to serve daily.

Getting scrappy and getting support creates game-changing results!

Are you willing to get scrappy to hit your career goal? 

P.S.: If you know it’s time to get professional eyes and support with your job search, we need to talk.

Book a call and let’s dive into your unique situation and uncover how you might be able to get scrappy and land your new role:

✅ Specific strategies you can apply immediately to job searching now based on your individual career situation.
✅ What your LinkedIn profile can do for you to draw recruiters to you for your specific target role.
✅ The details your resume needs to include for you to stand out and get interviews and offers for your ideal role.