What you do now can make or break your 2024 job search

May 10, 2024

Last Summer, we had a number of clients who landed attractive job offers in August and started their new roles in September. 

This goes against a common belief that the Summer months are a terrible time to look for a new role. 

And, with Summer already right around the corner (if you’re in North America), I wanted to share the 5 keys to success if you want to land a new role before Labour Day. 

For these clients, reaching their goal started with what they did in May, June, and July.

I’ve created a mini-series, sharing the 5 action steps (the 5 S’s) to take now, to land a new role by September. 

Set your mindset

Set your target

Set your documents

Strategic search

Sell your value

Here’s the deal… 

Are there possibly fewer job openings during the Summer? 


Are there way fewer candidates actively searching for a new role over the Summer? 

Most definitely. 

This means that those job seekers who stay in the game AND have an effective strategy get a huge advantage. 

And if you’re serious about transforming your career and landing a new role by September, ask yourself these 2 questions: 

➜ What would I love to have accomplished by the time Labour Day comes around?

➜ What would make it inevitable for me to have accomplished it?

With the right mindset and a winning game plan, you too can reap the benefits and land not just any role, but land a role that you really want. 

It’s possible. I see it happen for our clients. I believe it’s possible for you. Up your game. Stay in the game. 

And land that perfect-for-you role that you want and deserve this year.