What to focus on through the corona virus crisis

April 28, 2020

Almost 6 weeks ago today, for most of us, the world as we’d come to know it suddenly changed. 

One tiny yet deadly virus, completely turned our lives upside down. 
The sudden change looks different depending on your personal situation. 
For some, it may have come with a sudden, completely unexpected and unanticipated layoff (Ive been there too several years ago!)
Or, it may mean a stalled career. 
Or a sudden work from home situation that leaves you feeling lost and unsure of what the future holds. 
Heres the deal: 

You have choices to make right now, and also some decisions to make

These choices and small or big decisions will shape and define not only the coming weeks and months but also possibly the coming years for you. 

How you choose to spend your time, what you decide to do, not do, what you focus on will shape your experience of your current circumstances. 
So just what should you or could you choose to focus on right now when it comes to your career or job search or your life even? 

You can choose to focus on what you can control, which is: YOU

And I’m sure by now you might be thinking: 

Of course, we all, already know this. 
But, do we really put it into practice? Do we know how to leverage this to our advantage? 
Intellectually, we know that all we can control is ourselves but how do we actually implement this in our day to day? Or now, in the middle of a crisis? In the midst of a layoff, an economic downturn, an unpredictable future? 

This is where the power of mind management is a game changer!

The ability to master our mindset takes us from knowing what to do, to actually doing it. 

To feeling better. 

To taking inspired action and continue to strive towards our goals no matter what. 

And in the case of your career, or you job search in the pandemic crisis, it’s EVERYTHING
When everything around us seems to be falling apart, focusing within can be the greatest source of peace, calm and yes, even joy. 
What do I mean by focusing on yourself, on going within? 
I mean focusing on your thoughts. 
Really paying attention to them as they come to the surface. 
Be the watcher of your thoughts and take note of them. 

Then decide which of those thoughts serve you the most. 

And let go of the ones that don’t serve you.  

Focus on the thoughts that will help you get through this crisis. Maybe even ones that will help you THRIVE through this crisis. 
These empowering thoughts may take some practice. It’s not like positive thinking at all. 
It’s choosing your own thoughts on purpose. Decide which ones you want to keep. 
Chose thoughts that fuel the emotion you need to carry you through this period. 
Thoughts that will drive the action that will create your desired result. 
If for example you decide that you need to look for a new job…  which thoughts would you choose to focus on? 
Thought # 1: 
“It’s going to be a waste of time to update my resume right now because no one is hiring”
Thought # 2
“I’m going to update my resume and focus on developing all of my job search tools and skills, so that I’m 100% ready when more companies are hiring again”
Thought # 1 will keep you stuck.
Thought # 2 will keep you focused on the task at hand and, will make sure that you’re ready for opportunities that will present themselves. 
I realize that this is not easy work. 

This IS work. 

It takes practice. 

It requires a different layer of work than repeating positive affirmations. 

It requires daily application of coaching tools that not only help your mental state, they have the power to create the results you want, in every single area of your life. 

Career or relationships.
Financial or health. 
That’s the work that I do with my clients. 

I help them create results with their mind.  
I invite you to book a call with me to explore the power of coaching for yourself. 
Your best life and career are on the other side of what you choose to focus on. 


Choose wisely.