The Real Reason Why You’re Not Getting Job Offers

February 9, 2023

Sometimes when I’m speaking with a client or potential new client, I see things that are not in their awareness.

Call it experience and/or intuition, after hearing what’s going on in their job search and asking many questions, I’m able to diagnose the potential reasons why they don’t yet have the role they really want!

When I spot something with a client that’s hurting their job search success, it goes something like this:

➜ They tell me they’re doing ALL THE THINGS in their job search. Like updating their resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, and applying to dozens of jobs online.

➜ They’re VERY puzzled why this approach isn’t working. It’s worked for them in the past or that seems to be the thing to do these days.

➜ They start to analyze their search in detail to try and figure out what they’re doing wrong.

➜ If they’ve had a few interviews but no job offer, they have no clue why.

And, they’re left frustrated and sometimes discouraged that NOTHING IS WORKING.

They start to wonder how long it’s going to take for them to secure a new role.

With all the questions I ask, I come up with many potential reasons why their job search isn’t working.

Unfortunately, sometimes, they can’t hear me. At least not right away.

It’s not always easy to open ourselves up to something new. To something that’s a blindspot for us.

It’s easier to keep thinking and doing the same things. Our human brain loves efficiency!

Yet when we’re open to alternative ways of thinking, that’s when the lightbulb moments happen!

I love when the lightbulbs go off for my clients!

That’s when I know we’re on the verge of a breakthrough, that will transform their job search and career.

That lightbulb moment is the first step. It’s gaining the awareness that they didn’t have before.

That awareness helps them change the way they look at the situation, in this case, their job search.

And then pick a different course, a different way of thinking about their search and the actions to take.

That’s when shifts happen.

That’s when previously unattainable opportunities land on their lap!

And I’m here for that!



The real reason why someone’s not getting job offers if they’ve been in an active job search for a while is this:

They’re missing an important element that can only be uncovered when they open themselves up to some alternative thoughts, ideas, or beliefs.

Otherwise, they keep doing the same exact thing, and expect a different result.

And we all know where that leads.

Being open to new ideas and being coachable changes the game.

It also makes us more attractive as a candidate.

And that makes it so much easier to get the offer!