Who Knew a Job Search Could Look Like This?

April 14, 2023

A recent client of mine decided to put a stop to his job search after several weeks of an active search. 

We started to work together to help him ramp up his job search as he suspected he was underpaid at his current job. 

He was right. 

While he enjoyed many aspects of the role, he also wanted to earn what he deserved. He was determined to support his growing family with the lifestyle they wanted. 

He quickly started to get traction with his search. 

And, got a boost in confidence that the skills and experiences he worked so hard to build were in high demand. They commanded attention in the open market. 

Something very interesting happened next. 

He decided to have some bold, open and honest conversations with his current employer. 

And, was able to negotiate an over 20% increase in pay + extra  benefits worth 5-figures per year! 🤯 🤩 🥳


This is what I call Job Search By-Products

Embarking on an active job search can create surprising benefits.

It can completely change your career trajectory. 

It allowed my client to remain with a company he enjoyed working for. 

While negotiating a much better deal for himself. 

One that has a compounding effect for years, if not the balance of his career! 

I’m thrilled for him!

And I wanted to share some job search by-products that you can experience in the process:  

1– You get a confidence boost: 

I see this every day with my clients when we tease out their on the job accomplishments for their resume. 

By the time we’re done, they get a confidence boost from seeing the true impact they’ve made in past roles. 

This helps them get traction with their search, ace interviews and secure offers. 

2– You gain negotiation ammunition

Part of a mid-career job search includes researching your target role’s compensation. 

This leads to an understanding of your “market value”. 

You can then leverage this to negotiate a job offer with a new company. 

Or, as it happened for my client, it gives you real ammunition to negotiate a better deal with your existing one. 

3- You grow your network 

During an active job search, you’re meeting and connecting with a lot of new people. 

These connections can lead to new opportunities and a broader network of professional contacts. 

These new contacts are now part of your network and can be valuable for future networking and career growth.

So, if you’re feeling unfulfilled in your current job, don’t be afraid to start exploring new options. 

You never know what side benefits or by-products of the search will be. 

You may land that new, amazing role or, you may up your value with your current employer and secure a better deal. 

It’s worth diving into if your current role isn’t checking all the boxes for you.