The Fix for a Broken Career

April 24, 2019

“I need to fix my broken career Danielle”!

This is a version of what I often hear from clients and business professionals seeking to make a change with their career path. 

They state this as if it’s an actual hard fact. 

They tell me the story of their career path and all the evidence they have that their career is in fact “broken”. 

They desperately want a “fix”.

And I can understand it. 

I can empathize with it too. 

I used to think it about my own career. 

And I deeply know how much anxiety, anguish, pain and disappointment it can cause. 

But what I now know is that a “broken career” is not an actual fact. It’s not something that everyone looking at would agree it’s broken. It couldn’t be proven in a court of law. 

It’s all subject to interpretation. To the stories we attach to it and give meaning to. 

It’s all about the way we’re thinking about it. 


The way we think about our career, the meaning we give to the events happening at work, they have the power to shape how we feel about it all.

Our thoughts about those events define how we interpret them and in turn the conclusions we make about them. 

The events themselves have NOTHING to do with how we think about them. 

This awareness alone can start to give us power over how we think and feel about the events that have happened in our career. 

And that is the start of turning the “broken career” around!

I’m not going to lie, this can be challenging work but it’s a must before you can begin to decide your next move in your career. 

Cleaning all of that up allows you to make decisions from a place of higher wisdom, and, sets up the foundation for amazing career success for the future. 

This is the work I do with my clients that have a strong desire for career change. And it’s absolutely worth doing before you set course on a new career destination. 

If you’re realizing that your career feels broken and you need help figuring out your next steps, we totally need to chat! 

Book your call with me below, it’s free and you’ll walk away with more clarity about your next career move.