The Fix for a Stalled Career

July 29, 2020

What most people think is a GREAT resume

I often hear clients, friends and people in my circle who are ready to find a new job say to me: 


Sometimes, that turns out to be the case. 

But most often, what people think makes a great resume, simply isn’t accurate at all. 

Most people think a great resume:

  • Highlights who they are as an experienced professional
  • Reflects their skills and experience
  • Tells people what they’re looking for in a role
  • Shows all of your work experience (from the beginning of your career)

Sounds good right? 

Unfortunately, this is where some of the biggest resume mistakes come from!

People falsely believe that their resume should be a summary of their skills and work experience. 

But that’s NOT what employers are actually looking for!

In order to solve for this problem for good… 


We need to flip your resume beliefs!

A resume that generates interviews and job offers has to make  you completely STANDOUT from other candidates.

And the best way to do that is not to focus on yourself when creating your resume but rather create one that’s focused on the employer and the role that you’re targeting. 

That’s much easier said than done!

You must completely flip your old belief that your resume is all about you and MAKE IT ALL ABOUT THEM. 

You’re still of course talking about yourself in your resume. 

But by focusing on the perspective of the employer and specifically what they’re looking for with the role they’re hiring for, you’re now positioning yourself as the perfect hire for that role. 

This creates a resume that acts as a magnet to you, for your ideal role

This means you need to get very clear on your target role, on the exact skills and experiences that are most in demand for it. 

And with that in mind, you create or update your resume showcasing those exact elements in a way that clearly demonstrates the results you’ve created for past employers with those skills. 

This is makes a great, STANDOUT resume

Focus your experience and accomplishments on the exact, in-demand skills that fit your target role. 

Make sure your resume is shock-full of measurable results you delivered for past employers, that are also sought after for your target role. 

I can’t stress these enough: 

  • It’s not sufficient to have a well written and well laid out resume. 
  • Your resume must MARKET you powerfully, it’s a marketing document.
  • In order to market yourself in your resume, you must always keep in mind who your target market is: the employer and specific role you’re vying for.

That is how you standout and generate interviews and job offers, even if you’re not the “best qualified” candidate for the job!



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