Creating a Purposeful Career

August 30, 2020

I love hearing people’s stories around how they got into their careers… 

For some, their career choice was something they knew they wanted to do from a very early age. From that inspiration, they went on to take action for years in order to secure their dream career and life. Many never look back, living happily ever after from that one early decision. 

For others, they were either inspired by or encouraged to pursue a career based on ideas from parents, relatives, friends or other sources of influence. 

And for many, it was something they just kind of “fell into”. Circumstances that arose and lined up created situations for them that provided career opportunities they chose to embrace. 

Which one do you fall into? How did you get into your particular field of work? 

For me, I was firmly in that third group early on in my career. 

And if you’re in that group too, it’s likely that at some point in your life, possibly right now 🤔🤪 you start asking yourself “is this all there is?” or, “I can’t see myself doing this for the next 20 years”! 

Now what?

You could choose to ignore that little voice inside of you that’s begging for you to wake up and figure out what to do next. 

Or, you could embrace it. 

You could get curious… 

What's that voice telling you?

Is it telling you that you’re capable of so much more? That you still have the time and energy to create a different, better career for yourself?

What’s standing in your way? Fear? Doubt? Other inner voices not fully aligned?

Whatever is going on with you, that voice, that inner knowing is worth paying attention to! It’s there for a reason. 

By paying attention to it and exploring your option, you have the privilege and opportunity to create something new if you chose to. 

This is how you start to create a purposeful career.

You can do this at any stage, any age. 

Just exploring this doesn’t force you into anything. Maybe you’ll decide to stay the course and like your reasons for doing so. 

Or maybe you’ll decide to explore a brand new path. 

Either way, you owe it to yourself, to your soul to listen to that voice and truly hear what it’s telling you. 

It might just be the start of a brand new, purposeful and fulfilling career. 

You’ll never know if you don’t pay attention to it and ignore it. Drown it out with distractions. 

I invite you to make this 1 decision today: pay attention to your inner voice and hear what it’s telling you. 


Something incredible just might be on the other side.

If you want to explore what might be on the other side, and see if creating a purposeful career is one of your next goals, then we need to talk!

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