The power of even one coaching session

May 24, 2019


Do you ever think back to an event that ended up completely changing the course of your life? 

While I very much like to focus on the present moment and dream and plan for the future, it’s sometimes fun, and even enlightening to think back to certain forks in the road that ended up changing everything!

I think most of us can think of such times where we made a decision in our life or career that took us on a completely different path.

For me, some of those crucial moments and decision points had a profound impact in my career.

>>> The time I almost didn’t apply for a role but I pursued it anyway and it led to an amazing sales career that shaped my life for years. 

>>> The time that I declined 2 job offers, took on another role that was super fun and enriched my life in so many new ways.

>>> The time where I lost my job, decided to become a certified life coach and completely changed the way I look at EVERYTHING in my life. 

This last decision was the one that changed my life (for the better), the most. 

And I was reminded of the impact of coaching when someone I recently worked with texted me this week. They wanted to thank me for my coaching because it was instrumental in them getting a job offer for their dream job! 

Not only has becoming a life coach changed my life, but it’s also having an impact for others around me, and creating opportunities that may have not been possible before they made the decision to invest in themselves and work at making their dreams come true. 

Making our dreams come true can be HARD WORK. 

It can be made easier by how we think about it but it’s not usually something that just drops on our laps. 

It often involves putting ourselves out there. 

Doing scary things. 

Changing the way we look at things. 

Becoming a better version of ourselves. 

Evolving, growing. 

Not worrying too much about what other people think and really focusing on where we want to go and who we are becoming. 

Getting help from others, getting coached. 

And, it’s so fun when we achieve those goals and blow our own minds with that we’re actually capable of. 

And then it’s time to set some new goals 🙂 

Just because we can, it’s fun and it’s how we grow and make the most of this wonderful life we’ve been given. 

I love living in the possibility of it all and helping others believe in their vision for themselves and helping them go after it. 

What are your dreams? 

Whatever they are, know that it’s all possible for you and spending time on growing your mindset and believing that your dreams can come true is a crucial part in the process. 

And you can never underestimate the value of getting help with your goals, of getting coached as a way to evolve and grow so that you can become that next version of yourself. 

I believe in you and I’m cheering you on to achieve your dreams and live your best life!

If you’d like to experience the power of getting coached and the transformation that’s possible with the tools that I use, then we need to chat!