Getting a New Job in 3 Weeks in 2021

March 24, 2021

If you need some inspiration for your 2021 job search, then today’s story and insights are for you!  

I recently received an unexpected thank you card in the mail. 
It was from a friend who had suffered a sudden job loss.
She hadn’t looked for work in several years and the sudden loss made her feel shocked, sad, scared and worried that, in the middle of a pandemic, she might be out of work for months. 
She was very naturally going through the grieving process when we spoke a few days after it happened. 
Having gone through it myself back in 2013, I knew all too well how she felt. 
The shock & denial
The anger
The bargaining
The depression
All classic grieving process stages. Until we get to acceptance. The timing of all of these varies greatly. 
I explained how these stages work and how normal the feelings in the process are. 
And for some people, their first instinct with an event like this is to recoil and isolate themselves to process it all. For some, it’s like an automatic, self-protection mechanism. 
I certainly fell into that camp when I went through my lay off. 
But I eventually learned that talking to people, opening up and seeking help from people in my network was going to help accelerate the process of not only healing but also of finding another job. 
I shared this with my friend. 
And she clearly took it to heart as she surprised me 3 weeks later , letting me know she’d landed a new job and started it already!

How on earth did she do that?

This is the fastest I have seen someone in my network find a new, executive level job. 

In the middle of a pandemic no less. 
But it’s no mystery how she was able to do this. 
I teach this to all of my clients and students. 
It’s just that not many people actually do what she did. 
But it works. 
Here’s the secret: 
➡️ You reach out to people in your network for help. 
➡️ You let them know what you’re looking for, the type of role you want. 
➡️ You ask them to connect you with anyone that might be able to help you. 
➡️ You follow up and connect with them. 
You simply connect with other humans. 

You tap into the hidden job market

This is the market I talk about all the time… it’s the one where there’s a job opening, and they haven’t posted it yet. 

Either because they haven’t had the time, or, haven’t quite figured out the job description yet. 

Or it’s that they want to hire someone they know, or someone that someone in their network can vouch for.  

It’s that simple. 

This is how my friend landed a new, executive role in 3 weeks

Sure, she had to have a resume, a really good one too. One that could showcase the results she was able to get for her past employers.  

Having that resume not only did that,  it also helped boost her confidence. 
A standout resume does that. When you have one, and when it’s done and you read it to yourself, it makes you think: 

Wow, it's impressive, I want to meet THAT person!

And equipped with that confidence, you reach out to people in your network, ask for help, ask for referrals and get yourself a new job in no time. 
Yes, you may have to get out of your comfort zone. 
You may have to quiet that part of your brain that might worry about “bothering” people. 

Here’s what I know and see all the time:

Most people in your network want to help you

Give them the chance to help you. Get out of your own way and let people know you need help and how they can help you. 
It’s how you can shrink the time it takes to get a new job. Even a high paying, executive role. 

You just have to meet people, tell them what you’re looking for, and let them help you. 

Follow up. Rinse/repeat. 

No brainer. 

And, it sure beats the alternative: applying to dozens of jobs online and rarely hearing back. 

Get in touch with humans. Let them help you. And one day you’ll surely want to return the favour. 

It’s a wonderful, full circle moment when that happens. 

And sometimes, you get a sweet thank you card in the mail 🤩

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