How to market yourself to employers in 2021

February 5, 2021

It's all about the Marketing...

Did you know? Looking for a new, better job today is very much like running a business.

 And, that’s the approach I recommend for any serious, ambitious job-seeker. 

Find out why and how with that approach, you can successfully market yourself to your dream employers. 

In the video, I cover:

  • What you have in common with Starbucks when looking for a new job
  • The difference between marketing and “selling” yourself in your job search activities
  • How using a marketing approach helps create demand for you as an attractive job candidate
  • The marketing assets you need to secure more job interviews and offers
Watch below and start getting traction in your job search with this tried and true approach that businesses have been using for decades! 

And if getting unstuck in your career is a top priority for you this year, we need to talk!

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