Moving on from rejection

November 21, 2023

If you’ve been in my world for a little while, you might have already heard that I’m a total adrenaline junkie… And, I love love love roller coasters! 🎢

Except, when I was still in corporate and got laid off in midlife, I didn’t love the roller coaster I experienced in job searching 😩

Some days, after getting too many rejection emails or no responses at all, I ended up crying on the couch, licking my wounds by stuffing my face with a bag of Kettle Chips

Here’s what I learned that helped me move on from rejection to land multiple job offers.

1- Feel the feelings:

This is not a popular tip. 

That bag of chips I just mentioned was my way to try and buffer and not feel the rejection. 

The tasty chips in the short term gave me comfort and pleasure. 

Yet, the quickest way to move forward and get back in the job search saddle after a disappointment is this: 

➜ Process that feeling of disappointment, and make peace with it. 

Give yourself an hour or two to mourn what that role represented for you. 

And then try to let it go. 

🤩 Something better is right around the corner for you. 

2- Develop and adopt a growth mindset

Once we’ve processed our feelings of disappointment, we can start to evaluate and see if there’s anything we can learn from the situation. 

We can use rejection as feedback. 

This can help us refine our approach and become a much stronger candidate for future opportunities. 

3- Focus on building your pipeline

When we process our emotions and, look for the lessons from which to improve, we’re able to get ourselves back into action much more quickly. 

In a challenging job search, building your pipeline of opportunities gives you focus, and helps you be less attached to any individual role. 

➜ It’s also one of the fastest ways to land a new amazing role. 

It was the key for me to land those 3 competing offers after my midlife layoff. 

And I see it with my many clients today as well. 

When you have a pipeline with multiple opportunities in play, the potential rejections don’t crush you as much. 

You keep going. 

You get curious as to which company will be lucky enough to have you join them.

You can believe that something amazing is right around the corner.

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