Mid-Career Joy

May 3, 2022


Getting hired for a new, more fulfilling job mid-career is amazing. So is creating a business in midlife.

Especially after years of hating Monday mornings, or just going through the motions because we have to pay our bills.

Or after a decade of feeling frustrated because we know we’re capable of so much more than the opportunities in front of us, if we stay where we are.
If deep down inside, you know you’re meant for something more, you owe it to yourself to explore what it would be like to actually feel….
✨ To actually look forward to the work week ahead.
✨ To enjoy meaningful work that leverages your best talents, yet stretches you to continue to grow.
✨ To work that is deeply rewarding and fulfilling.
✨ To work that pays you what you’re worth.
✨ To a career that you see yourself doing and enjoying until you retire (if you want to!)
This is the first layer of work I do with many of my clients.
We often first work on the belief that a mid-career dream role or business can become their reality.
That it’s a real possibility for them at this stage of life.
I’m here to tell you if you’re rarely experiencing joy at work, it’s never too late to explore your current career and ask yourself if we would choose it again.
If the answer is no, it may be time to investigate what would mid-career joy actually look and feel like.
What would make your heart sing for years to come, in your work?
✨ This is the process I went through myself years ago, that led me to the work I do today. I didn’t create it overnight but I’m so grateful to my past self for asking the questions and taking massive action and never giving up so that I can have more joy in my midlife career and help others do the same!