Deep Diving To Get Hired

May 12, 2022

Career Tip - Deep Diving to Get Hired

Sharing lessons learned in my business and how you can dive deep in your job search to get hired for your mid-career role


Well, hi there. I’m Danielle of coach with Danielle and I haven’t gone live on here in a little while. 

And I was really inspired to go live here today, because I have some insights to share with you that I think could help you with your career. 

If your goal is to find a new job this year, and maybe you’re mid career, I want to share some insights on something that I learned with my business quite recently. And it was the combination of some learnings working with my own business coach that I think is going to apply to your career. 

This is an impromptu live, I’m not sure if anyone is going to join me. But if you do, let me know that you’re here. Say hello, let me know if you have any questions at all that are career related. 

And I have to give you a little bit of a warning right now I am super hyper today. And the reason for that is that I spent a rest day yesterday by the lake, it was beautiful weather. And I, I really needed some sunshine, let’s just put it that way. And I am hyper today as a result. But I think that’s going to benefit you. Hopefully, I’m not speaking too fast. 

But what I wanted to share is all about deep diving, that is a big lesson that I had in my business. And I had to do in my case, it applies to a lot of different things. 

But the biggest learning recently came from running Facebook ads, my tendency in the past had been to kind of go in, do something real quick. And then if the first thing that  didn’t work, I would go and try something else. 

So how this could translate. If you are looking for a new job right now, maybe if things are not working, and you’re sending out a lot of resumes, and no one is getting back to you, maybe you’re thinking okay, I’m going to stop sending out resume, I’m going to stop pursuing getting a new job. 

But really, what likely needs to happen is that you need to go deeper into what’s working, what’s not working and identifying where you need to go in deeper in order to get better results. So in this case, if you’re looking for a new role, you want to figure out what is going to work when you go in deeper. 

So in a situation where you’re sending out a lot of different resumes, and no one is calling you back, it could be quite simply that your resume isn’t cutting it, maybe you need to do a deep dive and getting a standout resume, or if you are interviewing, but you’re never making it past the first or second round of interviews, maybe you need to do a deep dive on what is happening during those interviews and where you might need to refine your skill with interviews. It’s a different sort of game, doing first round interviews versus second round interviews and third, round interviews that requires a different set of skill. But of course, you don’t know what you don’t know. 

And going into a deeper dive on how to do better in those types of situations is really going to help you get closer to your desired goal. If that’s a new job, a better role, something that’s going to be more fulfilling for you at this stage of your career. And in some cases, sometimes we just need expert help to be able to see our blind spots. I know for me, what was going on with my Facebook as there were some technical things, of course, but there was also some mindset things that I really needed to learn. 

And I needed to understand that if at first I don’t succeed, I really need to go deeper into a strategy and figure out exactly where I’m going wrong and learn some additional skills to be able to refine what I’m doing. So maybe this is something that is happening in your job search, maybe you are doing some things right. Maybe other things you need to build some new skills and you have blind spots potentially as to what you need to do next. So that was definitely something that was an issue for me in my business in trying to advertise my business and bring in new opportunities. 

So if you are on the market right now for a new job, whether you have a current role that is not bringing too much joy for yourself or you are wanting to take part in the great resignation and find something that is going to be better for you and more fulfilling. 

Then I want to invite you to book a call with me I actually conduct a free console calls I Have a few spots each and every week for those and what they are complimentary because they are 30 minutes and we sort of explore where you’re at in your career right now, and what might be your blind spots if you’re not getting the desired role that you want. And we talk about a potential plan to get you to your goal. 

And so if you want to take advantage of one of those free sessions, all you need to do is go to coach with forward slash book, and you’ll be able to go right into my calendar, and book one of those sessions. So that’s it for today and I hope you have a fabulous day. Bye for now.