Goal Setting Workshop: 5 Steps to Rocking Your Year

December 17, 2018

What I’m sharing in today’s video is a practice and habit that COMPLETELY CHANGED MY LIFE since I started it in my early twenties. 

It can change yours too!

Today’s video training is all about setting yourself up for success in the new year with setting goals for each main area of your life. 

Goal setting is one of the key differentiators between people who live the life they intended and ones that don’t. Studies have shown that goal setters tend to feel more successful and are more likely to be in the top 5% of earners. 

If you desire a new job, promotion, more money or any other personal goal in the new year, then you’ll want to watch this!

In under 20 minutes, I share with you my step by step process for setting those goals in a way that sets you up for success for the coming year. 


And if you’d like a copy of the worksheets that go with the video, you can grab them here: 


This training was all about SETTING your goals for the new year. 

The next big piece is ACHIEVING them and this is where so many of us struggle. 

If you’d like help with making sure you achieve your goals this coming year, let’s chat!