Success Story: from “big struggle” to job offer

July 22, 2019

Chattra's story of going from ZERO INTERVIEWS to DREAM JOB OFFER in under 11 weeks

So excited to share one of my client’s success stories today! 
Watch this short video interview with Chattra and learn: 


>>> How she applied to a minimum of 1 job per day for 6-8 months before our work together and got 0 interviews

>>> Why she decided to take a risk and hire me as her career coach

>>> How she now has recruiters contacting her about job opportunities rather than her chasing them down

>>> How she now has recruiters contacting her about other job opportunities

And a lot more juicy details! 


“JUST DO IT” is a great mantra and marketing slogan but sometimes we need extra help. 
This is one of the reasons a coach can be so helpful. 
They can help push ourselves past our fears, lack of confidence, inability to see the blindspots that keep us stuck. 
This is why I’ve had coaches and mentors to support me with my goals for years now. 
Regardless of what your goals are, if they seem like a stretch right now, it’s because your brain and your belief in your ability to achieve them are not quite there yet.
Unravelling all of that and overcoming the exact pieces keeping you from achieving those goals is a gift you can give yourself today and I’d love to be of assistance as your coach. 

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