Success Story: how 1 hour per week led to a career and life transformation

September 24, 2019

Marie-Pier's transformation:
From career indecision and frustration to
a new job that came out of nowhere

Such a privilege to share one of my client’s success stories today! 

Watch my video interview with Marie-Pier who coached with me for a few months and discover how: 
  • She went from feeling frustrated about her work and career to fulfilled and excited about future career prospects
  • How she got clear about what she wanted and her potential next steps
  • The tools she learned from our work together gave her back control of her work and her life
  • She learned to deal with difficult people and work effectively with anyone, positioning herself for a promotion 
  • She was able to build a relationship of trust with a brand new manager
In addition to all of the career benefits she gained from coaching, she also learned how to leave her work stress at work and feel more relaxed at home with her husband, positively impacting her marriage as well! 
People at work even started to notice her transformation and that there was something different about her from the very beginning of our work together.
After we shot this video interview, Marie-Pier let me know that she got a call to go for an interview… completely out of the blue!!! 
She managed to position herself perfectly for the next step in her career. She nailed the interview and landed the job!
This is what’s possible when you do the work and people start to notice. 

Watch the interview and find out what’s possible from just a few weeks of career coaching…
 P.S. and warning: we giggle a lot in this video, you’ll know why when you watch it! 


And, if you’re feeling less than thrilled about your career and work life, it might be time for a career consult call with me. 

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