Time to take a break or go all in?

June 21, 2024

Today’s the first official day of Summer here, my favorite season of the year!

If you’re not feeling fulfilled in your current role or are one of the thousands of professionals impacted by a layoff… it may be tempting to just put your search on hold and enjoy the Summer, right?

I almost did this during the first of my two corporate layoffs, early on in my career.

And, I’m glad I didn’t as I ended up getting a better-paying role after a layoff in 3 weeks of job search, in the Summer!

That new role led to a successful career in Consumer Package Goods.

I hate to think what would have happened if I had taken the Summer off…

We also had several clients who worked with us last Summer and lined up job offers for exciting roles starting in September.

They beat the back-to-work rush that happens in the Fall.

They did it by accelerating their job search efforts through the Summer months.

Kristen was one of those clients.

She landed a new role in 51 days of working with us last Summer.

And Brian landed a new role in 59 days.

Within 5 weeks of working together, he was interviewing with 5 companies and landed an attractive, promoted offer just in time for his return to work after he and his wife had their first child.

They doubled down on their job search through the Summer months.

And still enjoyed time with family and friends and fair weather.

But by doubling down during a time when most people stop job searching, they gained a significant competitive advantage.

You can see Kristen’s success story video here.

And Brian’s here.

What would doubling down look like?

It means:

  • Setting aside focused time each week to gain access to and pursue opportunities that align with your goals and expertise.
  • Networking with professionals in your industry, building connections that can help you access hidden job market roles.
  • Learning how to stand out, secure interviews, and, confidently ace interviews through each phase of the hiring process.

It also means believing that even though the market is challenging at the moment, there’s a great opportunity coming up for you at any moment and your job is to stay in action and ready for it!

It doesn’t have to take up all of your time, you can still enjoy your Summer and quality time with loved ones.

And have something lined up before Fall, how amazing would that feel?

Happy Summer Solstice 😎

P.S.: we have a few open spots to work with us this month and help you land your best role yet!

During this complimentary session, we cover:

✅ How to amplify your strengths through the interview process and position you as the best candidate for the most ideal offers.
✅ The 3 key strategies you can apply immediately to job searching now to get aligned results.
✅ How to leverage your LinkedIn profile so that it serves as an “interview magnet” that attracts your dream opportunities to you, without wasting dozens of hours on job boards.