Success Leaves Clues

July 5, 2018

Success leaves so many clues!  

At my Life Coach School Mastermind event last week, I couldn’t help but notice that the most successful coaches had several things in common.  

They all had very different businesses. 

Some were business coaches. 

Some were physicians turned weight loss coaches. 

Some were in very specific niches such as an infertility coach, a “widow coach”, a coach who helped women dealing with a spouse’s suicide, an intuitive marketing coach, leadership coaches etc…  

One of the things I noticed they all had in common was this: 

Successful people take a lot of action towards their goals! 

It’s no surprise really but they do this over and over again, no matter what. 

Even in the face of failure, rejection, setbacks, personal tragedy, trauma – you name it.  

They find a way to stay in the game and continue to manage their minds, take massive action in pursuit of their goals.

No matter what.

They not only take action, they take BOLD ACTION.

Through all of the inevitable ups and downs that being in business brings. Very similar to looking for that dream job!

And they take action consistently, until they get their desired results.

If you’re looking to advance your career and find a more fulfilling and rewarding position, you may want to ask yourself this:

  • Are you staying in the game?  Even through the summer months when there’s likely to be less people in the game giving you a huge advantage!
  • Are you building momentum in your job search even if it’s just taking small yet consistent and impactful steps each day?
  • Are you managing your mind through the ups and downs in your job search?
  • What can you do today to make progress with your search?

Would love to hear your thoughts about this and if you answered NO to any of the first three questions


It’s ok, our lives are so busy today. Have some grace for yourself in the process. 

But know that every new day is an opportunity to start fresh, pick yourself up if you’re not moving in the direction you want and take a new approach and new bold action. 

So, what can you do today to get you closer to your career goals?