#Septembersurge – are you ready?

August 31, 2023

Have you heard of the “September surge”?

It’s that time of year when we see a notable uptick in job market activity.

It’s when summer vacations end and people refocus on career goals for the year’s final quarter.

It’s prime time for job seekers, as companies look to their staffing needs for the balance of the year.

Or even get in gear to bring in new talent in preparation for the new year.

If you’re in the market for a new role, it’s a great time to ramp up your efforts over the next couple of months.

Are you ready? 👀

How do you know if you’re ready?

1. You have an ATS-friendly resume that generates a high interview rate

2. Your LinkedIn profile draws opportunities to you while you sleep. I know this sounds too good to be true but I see it like clockwork when clients put in place my recommendations.

3. Your network is primed to help you land a new role

4. You’re ready to ace any type of interview at a moment’s notice

If you’re not ready, it’s not too late.

There’s much you can do now before September gets into full swing.

Here are 3 things that will boost your #septembersurge readiness:

1- Set your goal

Take a moment to reflect on where you are today, and where you want to be.

What’s your best next step?

How many more years do you want to work?

What’s most important to you for your next role?

Research and then decide on your target role.

Clarity brings focus to your search and much better results!

2- Professional brand refresh

Once you’re clear on your target role, it’s time to update your professional brand.

It needs to reflect the results you deliver, in line with what’s desired for your target role.

This includes your resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile.

All 3 need to match who you are and what you do combined with the specifics that make you the best fit for your target role.

This is an area most people miss.

Your professional brand is about you of course.

But highlighting the parts that fit your target role makes you irresistible. To the right employer.

3- Determine your job search strategy

This may vary based on your individual situation, it’s not one size fits all.

That’s one of the reasons why it may seem like there’s conflicting information when it comes to job searching.

For example:

If you’ve been in a role for less than a year and discover the company culture is not a fit for you and you want out ASAP…

Applying to roles online is not likely to generate any type of traction for you.

Employers will wonder why you’re looking already and see it as a red flag.

But we all know these things can happen!

In this case, you need a different strategy vs. someone who has been with the same company for 20 years.

Once you have the above 3 elements done, it’s all about taking action!

And if you’re not sure you’re ready for it and feel unclear on where to even start, my team and I are ready to help!

Let’s connect so we can help you refresh your professional brand and get hired before the end of 2023.  🤝