The # 1 Secret to Getting Hired

October 15, 2019

It Boils Down to this One Thing

If you’re looking to get hired for a new position or, for a promotion within your existing company, this article is for you! 

There’s much to be said about all of the things you need to do in order to secure a new position or a promotion.

None of it will ever work if you don’t know about this thing, which often seems like the best kept secret to career success.


Yes, that’s correct. 

Value is what it’s all about whether you’re looking for a new role or you’re selling anything under the sun. 

When it comes to employers, the only reason why they’re looking to hire someone either for a new role or to replace someone is that they have results they need to achieve with that position. 

The Better You Can Demonstrate the Value and Results You Bring...
The More Valuable You Become!

I realize it sounds simplistic. 

It’s easy to forget when you’re preparing your answers to commonly asked interview questions, or applying to dozens of jobs online.

But when you’re able to clearly articulate YOUR VALUE, you stand a much better chance of getting hired and promoted. 

Your next  question is likely this: HOW DO I DEMONSTRATE MY VALUE? 



To be able to articulate your value to an employer, you first need to clean house so to speak, in your own mind. 

So many of us underestimate our own value… this usually comes from  the way we’ve grown to think about ourselves. 

Often times, we grow up learning that being humble is a desirable virtue but in the process, we often overlook our accomplishments or inadvertently diminish our value. 

This can be very detrimental to our ability to showcase our value and in effect “sell ourselves” to a new or existing employer. 

And it can significantly impact our ability to earn what we’re worth over the course of our lifetime! 

There’s much we can do to “undo” this kind of programming by thinking differently about ourselves and our accomplishments. 

One of the ways I do this with my coaching clients is by asking them to answer the following questions:

  • What have you received positive feedback about from colleagues and managers? 
  • What would your best friend tell me about you, as it relates to qualities, skills and achievements you have had in the workplace? 
  • What would others say you’re “known for”, your secret sauce or top talent? 
Something strange happens when we try to look at ourselves through the eyes or lens of our peers! We then seem able to recognize our true talents and accomplishments and can start to access that wisdom for ourselves and to help us showcase our value to employers with more confidence. 

Understand Your Value - In Relation to What's Deemed Valuable

When it comes to work, your value shouldn’t be determined in isolation. 

Your value will vary across the different areas of your life. 

You want to make sure to gain clarity on your value, in the context of what’s deemed valuable for your target role and company. 

For instance, if you’re an accomplished piano teacher but you’re applying to a marketing manager role, your teaching value won’t play heavy in the balance unless teaching or mentoring is highly valued for your target role and company. 

It’s important for you to gather information on what will be most valued for your target role and companies and then clearly identify where you shine and can clearly showcase your value and the results you can deliver and have delivered for previous employers. 

You’ll then be able to highlight your value in your resume, cover letters, LinkedIn profile and, in interviews in a way that will help you boost your chances of getting hired and promoted!

I encourage you to really focus on this the next time you update your job search documents or prepare for an interview. 

When you combine the confidence in your value and, clear value and results based skills and accomplishments to your arsenal, you’re definitely more likely to secure the job and earn a better compensation moving forward. 




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