The Power of a Compelling Resume

December 13, 2022

"My new resume will transform the way people will look at me"

This is what I heard today from my client working closely with him on creating a resume that will generate interviews. 

Prior to working together, he had created a “functional” style resume. 

The thinking on that was twofold: 

1- He was worried about age discrimination as he was at traditional retirement age

2- He’d been mostly self-employed the last several years and was worried that would disqualify him from corporate jobs

The reality is that his functional resume wasn’t generating interviews.

And over time, the constant rejection he was getting from his job applications was eating away at his confidence. 

Unfortunately his resume wasn’t capturing the eye of recruiters and hiring managers as they couldn’t easily connect the dots. 

What do I mean by this? 

They couldn’t clearly see from a quick glance at this resume that he has all the qualifications, skills and experience for the roles they’re looking to fill. 

We worked together and completely updated his resume, his accomplishments and added a slew of quantifiable results. 

His new resume now clearly showcases his amazing value in 2 pages that are sure to grab hiring managers’ and recruiters attention. 

And the incredible side effect from doing this work is this:

🤩 He’s now feeling way more positive about his job search
🤯 His confidence is boosted
🔥 He’s more optimistic about finding a role that will allow him to contribute to the lucky organization that will now be able to see all he brings to the table. 

I see this all the time! 

A resume is not just a piece of paper or an electronic document.  

When done right, a resume has the power to influence how we feel about ourselves, about our work and how we then show up in our job search and our interviews. 

It’s a complete game-changer. 

And I can wait to see where my client lands, stay tuned!