Special Series: Live # 1: Managing Yourself Through Crisis

March 16, 2020

Replay from my Facebook Live Video - March 16 2020

How are you my friend?

I will be posting on my website a lot more over the coming days.


Unprecedented times call for unprecedented support. And as a coach, I feel called to serve like never before.

I’ll be going live every day this week on my Facebook page and will cover topics related to the current crisis we’re facing.

Some topics will be career and job search related and some will also be anything that can assist with managing ourselves and our minds through this current crisis.  

None of us can thrive in our lives or our careers if our mind is plagued with fear, anxiety and stress like it might be for you right now. Like it was for me last night (I’ll be talking about that too!) and how I pulled myself out of it, with some support and coaching tools.

Bring your questions to the live or just send me an email at


Let me know what you need help with, what you’re struggling with the most right now as I am creating this content fresh each day. I’m listening and want to speak to what you most need.

In this live video, I cover:

  • What mind management is and why it’s so important especially right now
  • My personal story of needing to be comforted and why that’s ok
  • Why positive thinking is not going to get us through crisis
  • The collective grieving process that we’re going through at this time
  • 2 simple things you can do to manage yourself through this right now