How to Land a New Job in 1 Week

December 9, 2021

This video was originally shot live on social media and I share the incredible story of how my friend landed a new, better job in 1 week! 

Watch and find out: 

– The habit she cultivated that ensured new job opportunities were always available to her. 

– The most empowering thought she chose to drive job landing action How she marketed herself to her target employer 

– The promotion she received with the opportunity to WFA (not just WFH) – “work from anywhere”

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Okay, we are live. I’m going live here on it’s my first time going live on Instagram. And I’m also going live on Facebook at the same time. So I just want to make sure this is working. And just give me a sec. I’m Danielle. Hello, I have such exciting story to share with you today. And it looks like it’s working. If you can see me hear me, let me know. But the story that I’m sharing with you today is how my friend landed a new job in one week, I was so excited when I found out about this last night. So here’s her story. And the reason I’m sharing this with you is because I know there’s somebody out there that needs to hear this, there’s somebody out there that needs to hear how you can actually completely turn around a job search on a dime, if you do a couple of things that my friend shared with me that she did. And so I’m going to walk you through that really quickly. So last night, she told me the story. And the thing is that I speak with this friend, once a week. And last week, she said that she was needing to she was moving, she was looking for a new job in a different state. And she needed to quit her job and find a new job really quickly in a completely different state in the US. 

And so she’d been thinking about this. But really, she ramped up a job search very quickly. And the way that she did that is just the key to landing a new job really, really quickly. And it was two things. One of them was that she said and these are her words that she shared with me last night, she said, Well, this is why I’m always interviewing. And what she meant by that was not that she was always generating interviews for new jobs constantly. But she approached her connections and her networking. And really, you know, networking is just connecting with other humans. She approached that with the mindset of I’m always interviewing, I want to put my best foot forward in all of my interactions with people in my corporate world, in my environment, I’m always going to put my best foot forward is what she has been doing. And I will always be a human that is going to see if I can add value for other people. 

So always be interviewing was the thought that she had predominantly for a number of years. And that really helped because when she decided she needed to find another job, and she started looking, she noticed someone in her network that was actually looking to hire someone in her field. And so the next thing that she did was she thought, hmm, I have some vault value to offer here. And they already know me, I already know them, they’re looking for someone, so I’m going to reach out to them. So with the confidence that she had in the value that she could deliver for that potential employer, she reached out, that’s exactly what I talked about when I say networking is one of the best ways to find a new job really quickly. 

So she reached out to them. And then the next thing that she did was also so smart, she made an offer to help them she made an offer to help them solve problems that they needed to solve, which is why they had the job opening in the first place. So with that combination of things, my friend was able to go not only does she get a better job, she actually got a promotion because she went from a director role to a senior VP role. And before she was working from home, but now she’s going to be able to work from anywhere in the US. 

That is the job opportunity that she was offered. She starts in a few weeks. And what an amazing story that I wanted to share with you in case you’re kind of wondering and I know a lot of people that I talk to in the in career coaching, when I talk about networking and reaching out to people they see this as this, you know, massive mountain to climb and I see you know the eyes rolling but really all you need to do is to cultivate that network on an ongoing basis. Just be yourself. Be a human in your network and help people in your network and you know, be that person that is able to then reach out when an opportunity might come along. That is a great fit for you. And for that prospective employer.


If getting a new job is one of your goals in 2022 then feel free to reach out you can DM me here on Instagram or on Facebook on Instagram. I’m coach with Danielle and then on Facebook. You can reach me as well on coach with Danielle or Danielle at coach with So that was my story for you today I hope you have a wonderful day bye for now!