Job Search Strategy Session

What if most things you thought you knew about job search were in fact hurting your chances of getting your next dream job?

Are you stuck in a job you don’t love or recently laid off and struggling to get ANY ACTION on your job search activities?

Can’t seem able to get interviews no matter how many roles you apply to or how many people you reach out to in your network?

Don’t know how to “market” yourself to your dream job and dream employer?

I hear you! I’ve definitely been in your shoes there, more than once!

And, as a job search and career strategist that’s been there, done that, I bet I can totally help!

In today’s market, job seekers need a completely different approach to conducting a successful job search.

What used to work really well, even 3 or 4 years ago simply DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE!

Unfortunately, I had to find this out THE HARD WAY….

Let me guide you through THE EASIER WAY:

  • Get unstuck and into momentum knowing exactly what role you want to target and how to get the job done, even if you’re feeling totally confused about it now…
  • Find out exactly what strategies you need to use and how to leverage them to get your job search into high gear and FINALLY GET and ACE YOUR NEXT INTERVIEW.
  • STOP WASTING TIME and make every move count in your job search, maximizing your time and efforts to get you that dream role.
  • Update your Resume and LinkedIn profile in a way that makes you IRRESISTIBLE TO YOUR DREAM EMPLOYER. 
  • Finally learn how to write cover letters that get read and get you results

How it Works

Working one on one with me is super simple:

  • We get on a call (phone or Skype) and we tackle your biggest Job Search or Career Challenge.
  • We uncover exactly what’s keeping you stuck in your job search and/or career progression.
  • You walk away with clear next steps to fast tracking your job search and career.

Here’s what to do next

If you feel you or someone you know would benefit from a JOB SEARCH STRATEGY SESSION, simply fill in the form below.

“But Danielle, what if I’m just not sure where to start or even know what type of role I want, let alone devising a full blown strategy?”

What do you have to lose really?

We can  zero-in on the area that is keeping you stuck or limiting you and your potential in your career.

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