How to use LinkedIn to Get Hired

October 14, 2021

In today’s video, I’m excited to share how you can use LinkedIn to get hired for your ideal role. 

We go beyond LinkedIn tips for job seekers here! I show you a specific example of how to use LinkedIn to find a job, how to use LinkedIn i for your job search specifically, how to build your LinkedIn connections and, how to boost your job search with LinkedIn in 2021. 

These include some of my best LinkedIn tips that I share with my students and one-on-one clients that help them get hired and they can work for you as well. 

Your LinkedIn profile is just like a personal website for your career and with my LinkedIn profile tips, you can make your LinkedIn profile act as a beacon to you, for your ideal role.

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Are you on LinkedIn, but you’re not really seeing the point? Because it’s not doing anything for you? Well, what if you could actually get hired via LinkedIn?

In this video, I show you how to get hired using LinkedIn. And especially if you are an experienced professional, and you are currently not loving your job, and you’re looking for a more ideal role for you. LinkedIn is an amazing platform that can help you get hired. If you’re new here, welcome. I’m Danielle of coach with Danielle, and I’m a career coach and mentor. And on this channel, we talk about how you can create a thriving career in your 40s and beyond.

And if you’re an experienced professional, I invite you to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell. So you’ll be notified when I publish my weekly videos. And this will also help more people find this content, how do you use LinkedIn to get hired?

Well, it’s not enough to be on LinkedIn to have a profile, you really have to leverage the platform for all that it has to offer. And if you do, it will deliver results for you. So tip number one is you have to work LinkedIn in order for it to work for you. Now, if you’ve made that mistake, and you just have put up a profile and not really done anything with it, you are in really good company, there’s so many people that have done this, including myself years ago, before I became a career coach, I had a LinkedIn profile that I put up, there wasn’t a whole lot of information in there. And I had 100 connections actually under 100 connections, and I really didn’t understand the power of the platform. So the first thing you want to do is build your network.

And that means building your connections specifically on LinkedIn so that you have at least 500 or more connections. And you can do that by just doing a few connections every single day. And before you know it, you will be at that stage. And the reason why I recommend that is that there is something a little magical that happens on LinkedIn when you have 500 or more connections where you are connected by second and third degree connections to so many people that can open up so many doors for you.

And the second part of this is you want to nurture those connections. And you want to reach out to people and really get up to speed on what they’re up to what’s going on with their career. And you can do that very easily through the LinkedIn platform messaging system. And the other piece of this is you want to be an active participant. So beyond just connecting with people, you want to post interesting content that could provide some value for your network. So number two is be found, you want to be found on LinkedIn, if you are looking for your next ideal role. There is a way that you can get found on LinkedIn by recruiters and hiring managers who are looking for people with your specific skills and experience. But they’re not going to be able to find you if your profile isn’t set up correctly. So what you want to do is you want to strive to achieve an all star profile. And this is a LinkedIn function that will provide you with an all star profile.

Once you have completely filled out your profile, including some content in every single section of the profile. Recruiters hiring managers are absolutely looking for people on LinkedIn. And they will type in the types of skills and experiences that they are seeking. And if you can rank higher in the searches for those types of searches, then you may get contacted for a phone interview for a further conversation to see if you might be a fit for the particular role that they’re filling. There’s a lot that goes into this. But one of the top ways that you can get found on LinkedIn with your all star profile is to use keywords you may have heard about this, but I find that most people that I talk to in my coaching business don’t really fully understand how to use keywords in their job search in their LinkedIn profile and in the resume.

And the way you do that is that you really need to study the job descriptions of your target role. Let’s say your target role is for a customer service manager position. You want to take a look at a number of job descriptions for that job title. And then you want to look at the commonalities in terms of the skills qualifications experience that they are looking for, for those roles. And when you find the common pieces, the common elements, you use those as keywords in your LinkedIn profile and In your resume, here’s an example of a customer service manager job description. And you would want to look at several to be able to gather the top keywords for your target role to insert in your LinkedIn profile and in your resume.

But here’s a quick example, you would highlight ones that come up over and over again in job description for your target role. As you can see, here, I have highlighted in yellow, some of the keywords that I would suggest to use based on this example, train coach, develop mentor, obviously, that would be important for a customer service manager, create, maintain analyze, reporting, working with policies, procedures, and performance, you can see ensuring quality, accuracy, timeliness of responses, performance statistics, project management skills, attention to detail problem solving skills, customer service, focus, organization, leadership and time management skills.

So these would all be keywords that you would include in your LinkedIn profile if you were looking for this type of a position. And that would help you get found on LinkedIn by recruiters and hiring managers looking to hire people for a role such as this. So when you do this, you will rank higher when people are doing searches, looking for people that have your skills and experience. And I also want to recommend that you make it easy for recruiters to contact you via LinkedIn or really outside the platform. So it’s a good idea in your about section to have a little piece that tells people how they can contact you and provide your email address that way, it is an option. But it does make it much easier for people to contact you and for you to be found on LinkedIn.

So tell me, are you using LinkedIn right now to find a new job to get hired for your dream role? If not, why not? Tell me in the comments below. So we talked about working LinkedIn and how to be found on LinkedIn.

Now you also want to discover dream roles on LinkedIn. So that is point number three. So the way you do this is you set up some alerts for jobs that are of interest to you. And LinkedIn makes that very easy, very intuitive, you decide what your target role or target roles are. And you set up those alerts so that you’ll get emails with open positions basically, for you to be able to pursue. The other strategy that I highly recommend you to do is to make a list of your top 10 dream companies that you would love to work for. Now it goes beyond making that list once you have made that list. And it can take some time you want to do a little bit of research, it may not come to you right away. But once you have that list, you want to spend some time each and every week, if you’re committed to getting hired for a new role, that’s going to be more fulfilling for you, you want to set aside some time every week, to go through the company website, check the career section, check their LinkedIn profile section to see if there are any suitable job openings.

And in addition to this, I highly recommend that you develop your network that includes people that work at those top 10 companies or maybe people that have worked at those 10 companies. And the way you do this is through LinkedIn and through your connections, you know how we talked about having 500 Plus connections on LinkedIn, this comes in very handy because if you don’t know anyone directly that works at the company, chances are, you will have a second or third degree connection that does and so this can help you really connect with people at your top 10 companies and find out about job opportunities maybe before they’re even published, or ones that maybe aren’t published. And you’d be surprised when you connect, genuinely connect with other humans on a platform like LinkedIn, which is very professional.

You’d be surprised people want to help other humans, especially right now we’re all craving more connection. And you’d be amazed at how helpful and open people might be to want to help you get into your top 10 companies. So I highly encourage that you spend some time each and every week doing this.

So that’s what I have for you today. Now if you are committed to getting hired for your dream role, and you are an experienced professional, you also need a standout resume. And if you are seeing that you’re not currently getting any interviews, I have a free resource for you.

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And in the toolkit, it includes my five step blueprint to a LinkedIn profile that converts and I take you step by step on how to get your profile done or updated a just a few hours. And included in here is also some scripts and strategies that get you in the door, a profile header that will help you stand out. Also as a bonus, my ultimate interview cheat sheets. So this is everything that you need to make sure that you stand out with your LinkedIn profile. And be sure to check out this next video which is resume advice for 40. Plus for more experienced professionals. I will also have the link below this video.

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