How to tell if your interview went well

December 6, 2023

Ever left a job interview feeling like you have no idea how it went? 

You’re not alone!

It can be challenging to get a sense of how you perform in interviews, especially in the early stages where you’re most likely competing with a number of different candidates.

Here are my top 4 ways you can get a sense of how it went.

1- Interview length

This is all based on how much time was allocated to the interview. 

If it goes the allotted time or a bit longer, that’s a good sign that the interview went well. 

If the interview was cut short vs. the time booked, something might have occurred that was interpreted as you not being a good fit for the role. 

2- Body language

In today’s virtual world, body language cues can be more challenging to notice but can still help you gauge if the interview went well so you want to pay close attention. 

Positive signs to look for are: 

  • Are they smiling?
  • Are they making good eye contact? 
  • Are they leaning in towards you? (most relevant for in-person interviews)
  • Do they have an open body disposition such as open arms (not crossed)? 

Similarly, you can use body language to your advantage during interviews and all of the above can be useful. 

3- Clues they’re selling you

This usually happens in later-stage interviews, especially with the hiring manager or their managers. 

Look for “buy signals” to see if they’re vested in you and in bringing you on to join the company. 

In this case, they may praise the company, the role, the positive ways in which they lead their team, etc…

These are potential buy signals that you’re one of the top candidates for the role. 

4- Your gut

Sometimes, the answer comes from our gut, not our minds. 

When you clear your mind and go in and get in touch with your intuition about the interview, what does it tell you?

Doing this may allow you to tap into an entire other source of infinite wisdom and allow you to understand if the interview went well or not. 

❌ What do you do if you feel the interview didn’t go so well? 

❓ Can you recover from a “bad” interview and if so how?

I’ll be covering that next week, stay tuned! 👀

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