How to stay motivated and positive while job searching

June 23, 2018

In this video, I’m sharing the #1 mindset hack that I use on a daily basis and that I coach my clients with in order for us to reach any goal we have in life.

This mindset tool helps you through:

  • The ups and downs of life
  • Achieving your goals
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Putting yourself in the best frame of mind for anything you want to accomplish in life, including getting your dream job!

Just to name a few!

I feel like this tool is one of the key secrets to the universe lol! This is a must watch, I believe it can help you reach your career goals and more… 

Note: “The Model” that I share in the video is a tool that my master coach instructor Brooke Castillo (of The Life Coach School) taught me. This tool has changed my life and I’m excited to share it with you here. 

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