Julie Zeller: how she landed a new role after layoff, in 4 days

Before signing up for my Get Hired Mid-Career Formula coaching program, Julie:

• Submitted over 600 job applications online

• Received over 100 rejection emails

• Was routinely “ghosted” by hiring officials

• Was feeling desperate, concerned that what had worked for her in the past to find a new job just wasn’t working now

As a Senior Instructional Designer with amazing experience in several industries including tech and e-commerce, she started to wonder if her “rage applying” approach wasn’t going to result in finding a new role quickly. 


She realized that she’d been using outdated job search practices. 

After meeting Danielle, Julie landed a contract job the day we had our first conversation! 

Then, fast forward a few weeks after working together, she got laid off yet again, through no fault of her own. 

This time, she was equipped with all she’d been learning working with us in our program.  

We updated her resume which was now an 85-94% match to her target role. 

Julie used her updated resume to apply to a role she had previously applied to with her old resume had not landed her any interviews. She noticed the position reopened, she applied again with her new resume this time, getting contacted for an interview! 

She was able to land a new role in 4 days with Lenovo, with a senior role designation and with an extra $10K compensation over her prior contract position. 

Derek Mulder: how he landed his ideal role in a new industry, in midlife, after being with the same company for 14 years

Before signing up for my Get Hired Plan coaching program, Derek was 14 years into working for the same company and decided it was time to make a change.

As a sales manager, working long 10+ hour days and, a family man committed to spending quality time with his loved ones, he was struggling to even find time to spend on his job search.
To make matters worse, the time he spent looking for and applying to roles online was simply not generating many interviews.
He was getting discouraged as he was longing for a role that would be exciting and provide growth opportunities for him while having work-life balance and be closer to home to get away from long commutes.
With the lack of interviews prior to enrolling in the program, Derek was getting concerned that perhaps staying with the same company for 14 years and, being in midlife was going to make it very challenging if not impossible to make a move….
Fast forward to today, Derek has now secured an amazing role, that was just what he was looking for plus, a higher compensation to boot!
I’m excited to share his story, it’s all possible even in mid-career, when you stay focused and, follow a proven, winning plan to get your ideal role!

Ecen C.: how a big revelation finally landed her an amazing 6-figure role, in the middle of the pandemic

Watch the video and find out: 

  • The turnaround that propelled her into an effective job search
  • How she learned to use LinkedIn to boost her marketability and, land and negotiate her 6-figure job offer 

How Chattra went from 0 interviews to her dream job offer in under 11 weeks

Watch this short video interview with Chattra and learn: 
  • How she applied to a minimum of 1 job per day for 6-8 months before our work together and got 0 interviews
  • Why she decided to take a risk and hire me as her career coach 
  • How she now has recruiters contacting her about job opportunities rather than chasing them down

And a lot more juicy details! 

Marie-Pier's transformation: from career indecision and frustration to a new job that came out of nowhere

Watch my video interview with Marie-Pier who coached with me for a few months and discover how:  

  • She went from feeling frustrated about her work and career to fulfilled and excited about future career prospects
  • How she got clear about what she wanted and her potential next steps
  • The tools she learned from our work together gave her back control of her work and her life
  • She learned to deal with difficult people and work effectively with anyone, positioning herself for a promotion 
  • She was able to build a relationship of trust with a brand new manager
In addition to all of the career benefits she gained from coaching, she also learned how to leave her work stress at work and feel more relaxed at home with her husband, positively impacting her marriage as well! 
People at work even started to notice her transformation and that there was something different about her from the very beginning of our work together.
After we shot this video interview, Marie-Pier let me know that she got a call to go for an interview… completely out of the blue!!! 
She managed to position herself perfectly for the next step in her career. She nailed the interview and landed the job!
This is what’s possible when you do the work and people start to notice. 

Watch the interview and find out what’s possible from just a few weeks of career coaching…
 P.S. and warning: we giggle a lot in this video, you’ll know why when you watch it! 


“Prior to hiring Danielle, I was lacking a bit of direction and stressing about things unrelated to the job search. While working with Danielle, I almost always had an "ah ha" moment where I was able to look upon a situation with new eyes and survey different scenarios, which in turn led me to different thoughts of behavior. My advice if you're thinking of working with Danielle is do it. Had been skeptical of coaching in the past even though numerous colleagues do it and speak highly of the process. Each session was an eye-opener for me in one way or another. My biggest takeaway from our sessions was the ability to think about things in news ways, sparked by her observations and input. I needed the live input to help me push through and meet deadlines!”
Jonathan A.
VP Marketing & GM
“Danielle helped me realize what I had to do to get a new job. Her experience to help with my job search was so crucial. It was a big revelation to me how I could do better with LinkedIn! With her training and coaching, it made a huge difference and made me more confident in applying for jobs. I’m happy to report that I’m starting my new role next week!”
Elen C.
Strategy Director
"Before working with Danielle, I was not getting the responses I was hoping to get during my job search. I didn't know a lot of the techniques that would help me be more successful. After working with Danielle, I became much more positive and began to get responses to my revised emails and, gained more confidence during interviews. My resume is now getting responses from the same companies that I applied to with no luck using my old resume. My cover letter approach is now much more informed. My answers to interview questions are now more thought out. Danielle is professional, supportive and she really knows her stuff!"
Derek. M.
Sales Manager
“Before my work with Danielle, my job search was a big struggle! In university and high school, they never taught us how to write a resume or cover letter and my resume was not getting me any interviews for over 6 months! Danielle taught me how to write a resume that caught the eye of so many recruiters. It landed me an interview for my dream job in a completely different industry, and I still get contacted by recruiters on the strength of my LinkedIn profile!”
Chattra P.
“I would recommend Danielle and her training & coaching… she is so knowledgeable… I believe she truly wants the best for you. You will get results if you put in the work. I will continue to work with her in the near future."
Franklin L.
Account Manager
“Before working with Danielle, I was completely overwhelmed and couldn't figure out my priorities. With Danielle's coaching and advice, I heard back from the company I had applied to in less than 8 hours! Her cover letter method is very effective and applied perfectly well to my case. With the help of Danielle, I managed to get a job and her follow-up during the interview process was more than precious!"
Estelle B.
Digital Marketer